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Zubeia is an Archdragon of the Sky and the most recent Queen of the Dragons. She is the mate of the late Avizandum and the mother of Azymondias. Following the return of her son, she continues to rule as the Queen of the Dragons until Azymondias is ready to become the new King of the Dragons.


Zubeia is a massive Storm Dragon with dark blue scales, light underside, blue eyes, and a physique that is more slender than that of her mate Avizandum. She has a mane of white hair on her neck, back, and tail, brown claws on her feet, as well as dark blue horns and spikes on her head and back. Zubeia also has blue lightning-shaped patterns on the membranes of her wings. Her face comes out more with a beak-shaped end, similar to a bird, while Avizandum and Azymondias appear to have more of a traditional snout.


Zubeia possesses a profound love for both Avizandum and Azymondias. Even before Azymondias was born, she whispered his name lovingly to his egg.[1]

Zubeia was heartbroken when Harrow and Viren killed her mate and supposedly destroyed her egg. She decided to send elven assassins to kill Harrow and his son Ezran, so that Katolis could feel the grief she and the rest of Xadia had to endure.[2]

As anguish consumed her, Zubeia started to mourn in a state of deep slumber that was slowly weakening her.[3] When she eventually woke up to the presence of Azymondias, as well as humans and elves standing together, Zubeia smiled with joy and left her old grudge against humanity behind.[4]

Skills and Abilities

Sky Primal Connection

As an Archdragon of the Sky, Zubeia possesses a vast connection to the Sky. When Zym bit her hair and shocked her entire body with lightning, she showed no signs of pain or being fazed.[4]

Physical Attributes

Due to her massive size, Zubeia can make the ground shake under even a light shuffling of her feet.[4]


  • Zubeia's name is a variant of "Zubaidah", which is an Arabic idiom for "beauty".[5]
  • Zubeia's color scheme was picked to be as visually distinct from Avizandum as possible, while maintaining the general colors of Storm Dragons.[6]


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