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Ziard was the first human mage who practiced dark magic. He died while defending his city Elarion from Sol Regem after the latter chose to burn the city in return for Ziard's refusal to give up dark magic.[1]


Ziard was a tall, middle-aged man who had golden eyes and long, black hair with gray streaks, which reached down to his chest. He also had light skin marked with wrinkles on his face, as well as thick, black eyebrows.

Ziard wore a tattered cape and light armor that were adorned with bones and feathers. He also wore a few pouches tied to his belt.


Although Ziard poached the essence of magical creatures, he was shown to be driven by compassion and care for his own people rather than a lust for power like Viren. He invented and used dark magic to save his people from starvation, as well as to unsuccessfully protect thousands of inhabitants of the city of Elarion from Sol Regem's wrath.

Ziard believed that the practice of dark magic gives humans the chance to be treated as equals by the dragons and elves of Xadia, and he refused to relinquish it at any cost. However, he was willing to die to save his people, and although visibly afraid when Sol Regem unleashed his fiery breath on him, he refused to back down.

Skills and Abilities

Dark Magic Mastery

As the founder of dark magic, Ziard was able to perform numerous feats in the craft in exchange for draining energy from magical creatures of Xadia. Before his death, he was considered the most powerful dark mage of all humans.[2]

  • Power Sucking Spell: Ziard was able to drain the life force of an entire flock of Sunbirds so he could conjure a fireball to attack Sol Regem.


Relic Staff: Ziard carried a long silver staff, customized with animal bones and a few feathers. This staff allowed him to cast dark magic and was claimed to have been given to him by one of the "Great Ones" and appeared to be elven crafted.[1] After Ziard's demise, the artifact was passed down through the Human Kingdoms for centuries and eventually made its way into the possession of Viren.[3]


  • Ziard's name shares a similarity with the name "Ziad" or "Ziyad", which are Arabic for "more", "greater", or "abundance".[4]


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