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What is Done is the second episode of The Dragon Prince and second chapter of the first book, "Moon".

Determined to make up for her mistake, Rayla sneaks into the castle and corners Callum. Lord Viren offers the king a way to survive the attack.


Runaan and Callisto look out towards Katolis castle, while debating whether to take Rayla along to the mission, as she had previously failed them. Ashamed of herself, Rayla attempts to engage in conversation with the rest of the group, but without success. After the two elves jump off the tree, Runaan asks his apprentice to follow him.

Meanwhile, inside Katolis castle, Callum attempts to get through to Ezran, hoping to apologize by offering him to perform a jerkdance. When he gets no response, he decides to continue packing for their trip.

Runaan leads Rayla into the forest, where a heated argument ensues. As punishment for her failure, Runaan disavows Rayla from joining their mission, despite her protests that she would not repeat her mistake and that she is bound to the cause. Rayla is ordered to stay behind, yet soon disobeys Runaan by deciding to infiltrate the castle by herself.

Callum enters the castle library to find a few books for the brothers' trip to the Banther Lodge. While browsing through the shelves, he finds a book called "Lost Secrets of Xadia", when suddenly the pages begin to turn on their own. At the same moment, Claudia peeks out from behind a bookshelf and casts "Aspiro", causing the book to slam against a nearby bookshelf. Although Callum is already convinced the book is haunted, Claudia finally reveals herself and recasts the spell, after receiving a compliment on her magical abilities by her friend. She explains that she can cast spells, due to possessing a Primal Stone, and allows Callum to examine it. As soon as Callum mentions that he would love to switch places with her, Claudia suddenly perks and runs off, leaving Callum confused.

King Harrow gazes out of a window inside a tower, when Viren approaches him and informs him of his troops' failure of finding the elves before sundown, but assures him that the castle's defenses have been bolstered. Harrow believes any defense they mount would not be enough, and is prepared to accept his impending death as the consequence of his past mistakes. Viren still hopes that he and his daughter can find a creative solution by using dark magic, but Harrow's growing cynicism with the use of dark magic over the years caused him to detest it. When Viren fails to understand his friend's views on dark magic, Harrow asks to be left alone. After Viren leaves the room, a beaming Claudia arrives and informs her father that she has found a possible solution to their problem.

After returning to his room, Callum knocks on Ezran's door to remind him that they have to depart before sundown, but gets no response. He then sticks his head through Bait's pet door to inspect his brother's chambers, but finds them to be empty. While panic hits, a guard suddenly interrupts him, informing him that King Harrow wishes for his presence in the throne room. Callum repeatedly emphasizes that both brothers are where they are supposed to be, then heads to see his stepfather.

Meanwhile, Rayla makes her way through the forest, where she overhears the conversation of two soldiers. She manages to sneak past patrols and crosses the river, then scales the castle cliffs through the use of her weapons.

Callum enters the throne room, where Harrow awaits him. For his final moments, Harrow offers Callum a sealed letter, containing an important message, which he requests to be opened once he would know the time is right. Callum desperately asks why his stepfather can not just end the war by striving for peace, and Harrow explains the war has forced both sides to commit atrocities, and that his impending death is the result of his mistakes, for which he now has to pay. Callum remains hopeful that Harrow will live, but Harrow firmly accepts his fate and asks Callum to watch over Ezran in his place. The two tearfully share one last embrace.


After Rayla makes it to the top of the castle walls, she ventures inside the castle, where she notices Callum, who passes through the hallway on his way to his room. Although Callum notices the movements, he assumes Ezran to be playing a trick on him, but instead faces the armed Rayla. The elf attempts to gather information, but encounters an obstacle when Callum throws a drape onto her head. A pursuit ensues, with Rayla closing in on Callum, despite being briefly interrupted by two guards, who she manages to overpower by sweeping their legs. Inevitably, Callum hits a dead end and Rayla holds her blade in front of him, revealing that she plans to kill King Harrow, along with Prince Ezran, a fate similar to what the humans had done to the King of the Dragons and his unhatched egg. Callum volunteers to sacrifice himself by claiming that he is Prince Ezran. However, Ezran's suddenly sounds from behind a nearby painting. Rayla takes down the picture and finds that it leads to a secret passage. She then realizes that Callum lied about being the heir, but gets temporarily blinded when Ezran lifts Bait, his whole body bursting with bright light. Using this opportunity, Callum and Ezran escape through the hidden tunnel.

While Harrow prepares for an attack, Viren arrives in the throne room, carrying in a mysterious basket. Inside, he reveals a rare two-headed specimen of a Soulfang Serpent, a creature that consumes the entire spirit of any living being it bites. He believes the animal's unique condition to allow them to switch a spirit into the body of another. By doing so, he proposes to sacrifice a willing volunteer to fool the enemy into thinking they have successfully slain the king, while Harrow's soul would, in reality, still be intact. Harrow rejects Viren's solution, not wishing to be die as a coward, but rather a noble king. Viren views his pride as a problem, but Harrow again points out it was the use of dark magic and Viren's role of destroying the Dragon Prince's egg that had led to this dire outcome. Viren still firmly believes that their actions had saved humanity's wrath from the future king, again trying to press Harrow to accept his proposal, as he claims that his soldiers would gladly trade their life for the king's safety. But when Harrow redirects the willingness to sacrifice to him, Viren loses confidence for his claim. Angered, Harrow orders him to leave.


When Callum and Ezran hit a dead end on their run, Ezran leads his brother to a wall layered with rocks and stones blocking their path. Once asked how to proceed, Ezran implies that a puzzle could be their solution and begins to press the wall in a pattern of rocks and stones, which eventually triggers a secret staircase to reveal itself. The trio quickly descends into a hidden room and Ezran closes the secret passage by pulling a lever. However, to their shock, Rayla manages to unlock it once again by pressing all the rocks and stones Ezran had touched with his jelly covered hands. As Rayla closes in, she realizes that the room is filled with horrifying contents used for dark magic and prepares to end the princes' lives. Before she has a chance to do so, Ezran pleads to allow him to show what he had recently found underneath a cover, which the elf agrees to. When the cloak is removed from a nearby object, the unharmed egg of the Dragon Prince is revealed, and Rayla and Callum express their shock upon learning that the egg had never been destroyed.



  • When Callum enters the library he pulls out a book about the lost secrets of Xadia written by "D. Giehl", which is an easter egg referring to the head writer Devon Giehl who was not fond of the book's title.[1] During San Diego Comic Con 2019, this joke was turned into the elven explorer Delilah Giehl.
  • Ezran's quote "Say hello to my little friend", spoken when blinding Rayla with Bait's light, is a reference to the same phrase used by Tony Montana in the classical movie "Scarface".
  • Viren's quote "They will find you and they will kill you" is a reference to the popular movie quote of Bryan Mills in the movie "Taken".
  • Switching Harrow's soul was Claudia's idea, as she suggested it to her father after hearing Callum's wish to "switch places".
  • The "sheep girl painting" was originally only a placeholder during storyboarding, but became permanent during production.[2]
  • Harrow says the title of the episode during his conversation with Callum: "What is Done cannot be undone."


  • The way Ezran is holding Bait bears a strong resemblance to the way Rafiki held Simba during his presentation in "The Lion King".