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Villads was once an unsuccessful pirate, and is now a captain for-hire. He and his trusty parrot Berto cruise the waters in search of cargo and passengers who will listen to Villads's sometimes long-winded, and always weird wisdom.[1] He is the captain of a ship called The Ruthless.


Villads is a middle-aged man with orange hair and a thick beard that is tied into three individual braids at its bottom. Due to losing both eyes, he wears two eye patches double-crossing over his nose, one being black and the other a shade of brown. He has a long, thin scar running down the side of his face, and a missing tooth.

Adorned in a classic pirate's uniform with brown gloves and a dark vest covering a white blouse, he also has a shoulder guard on his right side. A big, swooping hat sits on top of his messy nest of hair, and he is usually seen with his parrot Berto perched atop his right shoulder.


Villads possesses a wisecracking sense of humor that tends to cheer him and others around him up. His blindness has granted him the experience in navigating and sailing without the need to see. Villads also believes that life is like a river and that despite the rough turns and bumps it gives, everyone should flow with it instead of turning against it.

Skills and Abilities


Despite his blindness, Villads is an expert sailor who can tell the strength, speed, and direction of the wind.


  • The name "Villads" translates to "desiring battle" in Danish.[2]
  • Villads shares his name with a director of the show, Villads Spangsberg.
  • As he explains when the group meets him, the "d" in his name is silent.[3] He pronounces his name as "Veelas".[4]
  • Villads's left eye was taken by a flock of seagulls, however, due to the attacker coming from his already blinded flank, he does not know what took his right eye.[3]
  • Villads has narcolepsy and is therefore prone to falling asleep at random moments.[3]
  • The name of Villads's ship is a pun on the fact that his wife, Ruth, does not like to sail, therefore she is never aboard the ship.
  • Villads likes the freedom of sailing on the open sea, and his lovely boat-avoiding wife, Ruth. He dislikes seagulls.[4]


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