Tidebound Elves are a race of elves native to Xadia. They are connected to the magical energy of the Ocean. Their primary home and nexus are currently unknown.


Tidebound Elves commonly appear with skin colors including a light blue, which shades off into white and darker blue colors on fin-like features. The fins are present on their heads, shoulders, and limbs and also replace their ears. On males, these fins are colored in red shades and are significantly longer than the fins of the females. The garments of Tidebound Elves appear to be skin-tight, with very little tailing off. As they are creatures attuned to the power of the ocean, this proves extremely useful, as the excess material would only slow them down underwater. Additionally, they do not appear to partake in the use of conventional footwear.[1]


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Culture and Customs

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  • Tidebound Elves are the only elven race whose name does not directly refer the Primal Source they are connected to (the Ocean).



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