Tiadrin and Lain[1] are Moonshadow Elves and Rayla's parents who are members of the Dragonguard, a group of eight elven warriors chosen to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. When Avizandum was killed by Harrow and Viren, they were the only guards who remained to protect his egg. What became of them is unknown, but Rayla claims that they are still alive.[2]


As Moonshadow Elves, Rayla's parents have horns, blue marks under their eyes, and pointed ears. They are both pale-skinned and have white hair. As members of the Dragonguard, they wear the group's ornate armor that sports the Dragonguard's emblem placed on the center of their chest pieces.

Tiadrin has light blue eyes and her hair is kept in a wavy bob. She also has a slender figure and is shorter in stature in comparison to her spouse.

Lain has orange eyes and short messy hair swept over his right eye. He is tall, lean, and muscular.


Tiadrin and Lain are courageous warriors and are loyal to their occupation and their monarchs, for they are ready to give their lives to protect the last hope of Xadia, Zym's egg. Tiadrin has been shown to know a certain wit, seeing as she was capable of persuading Viren to spare the unhatched Azymondias.

Tiadrin has a foul mouth and enjoys to cuss.[3]

Skills and Abilities

Moon Primal Connection

As a Moonshadow Elves, Tiadrin and Lain draw power from the Moon and are at their strongest at night, especially on the night of a full moon.


As members of the Dragonguard, Tiadrin and Lain are exceptional warriors. The duo also displays a degree of synergy when fighting, as shown in their battle against Viren.[4]


Sword: Tiadrin uses a two-handed longsword with a segmented blade that was crafted by Ethari[5]. The segments are capable of disconnecting but are still linked by some elastic cord, turning the sword into a bladed chain whip. She uses the two forms of the sword interchangeably.

Polearm: Lain uses a type of polearm weapon crafted by Ethari[5] with large hooked blades at both ends of the shaft, which is segmented. The blades themselves have handles within them, and the shaft can come apart at its segments and linked by a chord, turning the weapon into a kusarigama or rope dart-like weapon.


  • A popular fan theory suggests that Viren collected Tiadrin and Lain as coins just like Runaan, as he appeared to recognize the previous victims[6] and they were described as "people he knew and loved" and "whose disappearances had made no sense to him".[7] The theory is further hinted at in Through The Moon, though yet remains to be officially confirmed.
  • Tiadrin does not like to be called "Tia".[8]


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