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Through the Looking Glass is the thirty-first episode of The Dragon Prince. It is the fourth chapter of the fourth book, "Earth".

The story of Aaravos's dark past comes to light. Claudia prepares to open the chrysalis. The tension between humans and Sunfire Elves boils over.


At the sight of Ibis, Rayla fails to recall his name and gets scolded by Callum for forgetting after fighting at his side at the Storm Spire,[1] and for not being with them the past two years. Zubeia interrupts the pair to announce that she has to depart to Xadia immediately, grateful for being invited to Katolis. Ezran wishes to solve the looking threat of the Fallen Star together, though Zubeia insists that her and Azymondias have to return home immediately. When he is mentioned, Ezran and Zubeia notice Zym missing and Ezran rushes to bring him back. When he expresses again that he wishes he could assist them, Opeli suggests to accompany the dragons home, assuring that the High Council can take care of Katolis in his absence. Barius hands him his newly invented brown sludge tarts before Ezran readies to mount Zubeia, inviting Rayla to come along. Meanwhile, Callum and Soren mount Pyrrah, when Callum remembers that he wants to fetch the magic mirror from his study, remembering that it had mentioned the Fallen Star in the runes he had translated.[2]

Viren awaits the return of Claudia and Terry at the bottom of the Storm Spire. When Claudia descends with Terry carried by dark magic wings, Viren is briefly taken aback and suggests that she holds onto his relic staff for now instead. Having nothing against it, Claudia declares that they all should get rest.

Once they arrive in the High Mage's study, Soren recalls his father's obsession with the magic mirror and warns Callum not to let his obsession with magic take the upper hand, fearing he may follow down the same path as Viren. When Callum struggles to pick up the mirror, Soren picks it up for him and carries it outside where Pyrrah waits. Callum stashes away the Key of Aaravos just in case, and after Bait carries Callum's scarf after him, the three follow after their friends.

In the settlement of the Sunfire Elves, Yonnis lights a Soul Candle to send his deceased mother onto her last journey. When the architect of the camp, Lucia, notices the embers of the fire, she rushes over to the elf and demands for him to extinguish his fire in fear that the tents could be ignited by its sparks. After explaining that his mother's spirit flame has to burn through the night so her soul can return to the Sun, Yonnis tries to plead with Lucia to allow him this last honor, though is turned down as she believes their sacred tradition to be nothing but superstition. When Yonnis keeps refusing to put the flame out, Lucia does it for him by throwing water from a bucket onto the fire, extinguishing it. Believing the soul of his mother to be lost forever, Yonnis enters his heat-being mode and burns Lucia's hands. When Gren and Marcos notice the smoke, they rush to the scene to find out what had happened.

Zubeia flies across the night sky while carrying Ezran, Azymondias, Rayla, and Stella on her back. Ezran inquires whether the "Fallen Star" had been only a star once, and Zubeia confirms that he is named Aaravos, a Startouch Elf who was once loved and respected as one of the Great Ones. She tells the story of the past, how after the Dragon Queen Luna Tenebris had mysteriously died, the Archdragons of Xadia, including Domina Profundis, Rex Igneous, and Avizandum, fought bitterly to replace her as the next monarch in line, as she lacked a suitable heir. To prevent violence between the dragons from escalating, the trusted and wise Sunfire Queen of the time, Queen Aditi, stepped in to guide them to the right decision and to broker peace. However, before this trusted judgement and final decision could be reached, Queen Aditi went missing, leading the elves to believe that the dragons had slain their beloved queen, which sparked an uproar for war. This was when The Orphan Queen discovered the meddling of Aaravos to be the root of multiple crises the world had to suffer through. This included whispering into the ears of the leaders of the Human Kingdoms. Zubeia continues to explain that Aaravos's favorite victims were mages that craved knowledge about the mysteries of the universe. She recalls how her and Avizandum had collaborated with the other Archdragons of Xadia once they learned of Aaravos's treachery. By hiding their own knowledge of Aaravos's crimes, they managed to fool him for long enough until he let his guard down, allowing them for an opportunity to imprison the Archmage in a magical prison. Zubeia then elaborates that part of the power of the prison is that no one knows its location, and that each Archdragon holds a clue to its whereabouts, mentioning that Avizandum was given an enchanted looking glass to keep a vigilant watch on Aaravos. Once she finishes her explanation and the Storm Spire comes into sight, Ezran points out that she is seeing someone on the pinnacle. To their shock, they find that the person is Ibis, who is no longer with them. Heartbroken, Ezran, Rayla, and Azymondias share a hug to comfort the dragonling over the loss.

While Claudia peacefully sleeps away in their camp, Viren awakes to the sound of Terry crying. Feeling conflicted about having taken Ibis's life, Terry wonders how he can possibly deal with the guilt of his crimes and all these feelings in his chest, and asks Viren for advice. In return, Viren tells him to get a grip.

Inside the dragon lair of the Storm Spire, Zubeia briefly mourns the death of their good friend, but reminds everyone that stopping Aaravos is vital to avoiding further deaths. When Callum arrives with the mirror, Zubeia recognizes it as Avizandum's looking glass and explains that it may assist in gazing into Aaravos's prison if no light reflects off its surface, as an identical looking glass is attached to Aaravos's side of the mirror. To achieve exactly these circumstances, she casts "Vocare Nimbum" to cloud the morning sun in the darkness of a storm. With the room darkened, the group is able to peer into the mirror and see Aaravos inside. However, when Aaravos himself realizes that he has been given access to a view on the outside world, he uses his magic to take over Callum's body. While possessing his body, Aaravos proceeds to mock Zubeia for her "betrayal" and the loss of her mate, then turns to call out the flawed cast recruited to stop him by pointing out an insulting trait in each of the bystanders. He finishes by pointing out the darkness that has already tainted Callum and states that he is fated to play into his hands, making his return to the world inevitable. Aaravos then ceases his control and sits down on a chair, then blows a kiss toward the mirror's surface, which shatters on impact.

As the sun rises, Claudia wakes Viren and Terry by banging against a pot and rushes outside. She explains that the spell to release the Being from his chrysalis requires the first light of the sun to succeed and offers the relic staff to her father to do the honors. As Viren refuses to take the staff, Claudia decides to cast the spell herself in his place. Through the cast of dark magic, the cocoon finally cracks and green ooze leaks from its core. Out of the cocoon and the cave crawls the freed Being, which spreads his butterfly wings before the trio.

Characters and Cast[]


Sky Spells

Dark Magic

  • Daed eht fo sgniw (Wings of the dead)
  • Ezoo cimsoc ruoy morf egreme dlihc silasyrhc (Chrysalis child emerge from your cosmic ooze)


  • "Through the Looking-Glass" is the title of a famous novel written by Lewis Carroll, which is a continuation of the story "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".
  • Both the illustration of Avizandum used in the flashback of Xadia's history, as well as the dragons seen in the background when Queen Aditi steps in, were originally promotional graphics on the official website of Wonderstorm.[3]
  • Several animation errors occur as Aaravos takes over Callum's body, when Ezran's backpack keeps appearing and disappearing from his back.
  • The opening sequence, which normally depicts Viren crying a final tear before becoming Aaravos's petrified pawn, is replaced by Callum who instead is depicted holding up the Key of Aaravos, symbolizing Aaravos's newfound access to controlling Callum.


  • The mysterious person in the credits can be seen during the moment Aaravos's prison is created, standing next to the Orphan Queen.
  • Barius's brown sludge is shown, the in-universe version of chocolate.