The Orphan Queen was a young human girl and distant ancestor of the royal family of Katolis, who started from nothing but saved the world upon traveling to Xadia. She is the protagonist of a future saga of The Dragon Prince.[1][2]


The Orphan Queen's skin had a dark complexion, with her lips being colored in a light brown tone, while her eyes were a hazelnut color. Her face was considerably pretty, with long eyelashes, a nose not too prominent but not too small, and her thick eyebrows seeming kept neatly. In her teens or young adolescent years, The Orphan Queen wore a white and black attire with a blue hood, as well as blue sleeves, which covered parts of her hands, with exception of her fingers. While it can be assumed to be naturally curly, her dark brown hair was braided in cornrows on top and a braided pigtail laying over her left shoulder. Golden rings decorated her braids and her left middle finger, as well as coming in the form of an earring on her right ear.


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Skills and Abilities

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  • In Katolis, there is a law that allows the kingdom to select an orphan as its new monarch.[3] The Orphan Queen may have inspired this law and it is unknown if it applies to the other four Human Kingdoms.




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