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Zubeia has been a wiki editor and active admin of several wikis since 2011 and has adopted and led the wiki since the start of the series. She works daily to improve content and researches various sources for information that may still be missing. On this wiki, Zubeia is the first one to approach if you run into an issue, though she will likely consult her staff partner if she can not decide issues or changes on her own. It is very rare that she takes a day off from the wiki, but if she should not respond to you immediately, please be patient. Besides general content editing, she has wide knowledge in coding including html and css.
Since September 2018 Active Talk Page


Narendra is a passionate editor who has edited on this wiki since the first season and has earned his rank through reliable communication, editing and sourcing, as well as friendly chatter and theorizing in between times of work. He assures that recent user edits follow proper grammar and spelling and keeps an active eye on newly released info. He is a reliable admin who works hard every day to improve the wiki and is eager to learn. He also serves as a forum moderator and can be approached if you need help with edits or have suggestions.
Since 01.01.2020 Active Talk Page

Echo keeps an eye on vandalism, spam, comments and discussions on the wiki and is responsible for making sure rules are followed and disruptive users banned. Despite wearing the admin rank, his role's focus lies on moderation and he will not help with general wiki issues. Other available staff should be contacted in the case of requiring assistance.

Since 26.10.2020 Active Talk Page

On The Dragon Prince Wiki, the staff holds a few extra tools to help them with site maintenance and moderation in community discussions. They are members trusted by the community to uphold its standards. Although our staff will always try to communicate and compromise with our community, we reserve the right to have the last say in editing disputes. Suggestions are appreciated, which can be discussed inside our Discussions or on our user pages. The staff will communicate with each other and bring in their opinions, meaning evading to have another staff member be involved will not work.


Bureaucrats are senior editors. As well as being full administrators, they have management abilities, allowing them to grant user rights. Demotion of bureaucrats is not done without a community discussion, unless absolutely necessary. Bureaucrats rank highest on our wiki and should be contacted about suggestions to content or additions that do not follow or differ from our guidelines.

  • Protect, move and edit protected pages
  • Delete and undelete pages and files
  • Rollback unappreciated edits or vandalism
  • Block and unblock users
  • Deleting article comments
  • Grant user permissions
  • Editing templates and MediaWiki
Content Moderators

Content moderators are trusted users, who work together with our bureaucrat in order to assure a high standard and little to no vandalism on our wiki. Content moderators will discuss major actions with the staff and community. Their regular edits are usually automatically approved, unless a problem occurs, in which case the staff will communicate with each other to find a compromise. As a general rule, content moderators should not delete a page unless it is clearly vandalism or spam.

  • Protect, move and edit protected pages
  • Delete and undelete pages and files
  • Editing and moving protected files
  • Rollback unappreciated edits or vandalism
  • Deleting article comments
Becoming a staff member

Currently, as our current staff is available and editing almost daily, The Dragon Prince Wiki staff is invited by existing staff and does not take applications.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.