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The Dragon Prince Wiki is free to edit for anyone, as long as all guidelines are followed. Do not be afraid to dive in when you see a grammar and/or spelling mistake, and do not hesitate to provide sourced, official content if you find it missing. Our wiki is usually up to date and edited by many users, so communication before editing is valued.

If you do have a suggestion for an addition to the wiki, comment in the forum or leave a civil comment on our staffs' pages, so it can be discussed with the community. Our staff will try to find an agreement, however, please respect their final decision if they decline your suggestion. Please note that all regular editors are treated alike and general wiki experience will not give you any privilege, regardless of your history.

General Rules

If not followed, expect a reminder to study the policies once more, or light consequences if purposefully ignored.

Comply to all of our policies - Make sure to read and follow all of our policies listed above. Policies are put together through year long wiki experience and are not subject to be changed unless our staff decides so, so please do not argue about them.

Fandom Terms of Use - All Fandom ToS apply here, meaning you have to be at least 13 years old to create an account and respect the fair use copyright law.

Observe civil behavior - Do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect any users.

Speech - Avoid hate speech, homophobia, ethnic slurs, or any other form of discrimination or racism. This is a LGBT+ safe space!

Spam - Do not engage in spamming or trolling.

PG-13 rating - No discussion or sharing of sexually explicit content or mature topics on any of our pages or usernames. This includes wishing deaths on characters.

Speculating - Do not add speculative or non-canon material to articles (assumptions). Provide a source for all additional contributions, either external or wiki pages.

Cross-fandom trivia - Our wiki only accepts cross fandom trivia if a relation was intended by the writers. As such, editors should refrain from adding similarities to other shows unless a source exists.

Fanon - Roleplay and uploading fan art are unfortunately not allowed, as both prove difficult to moderate.

Do not...

If not followed, expect immediate and severe consequences if first warning is purposefully ignored.

Remove existing content - Do not simply remove existing content from our wiki due to personal preference. Unconfirmed info/speculations may be removed after discussion. If you believe something may be wrong but aren't sure, leave a comment on the respective article or contact our staff. Respect however if the final decision is to keep the content. Continued removal of canonly confirmed info will result in a block.

Engage in an edit war - Communicate with the user instead.

Disregard staff decisions, reminders and edits - Respect the staff when they ask you to stop doing something harmful or disruptive. Instead of arguing or excusing yourself, acknowledge your mistake and work to improve. If staff has corrected your edit, do not try to fight the changes. If you disagree with a change, you may leave a polite comment to discuss the changes, though if you receive a no, leave it be.

Rewrite entire page sections - When editing pages, keep in mind that our wiki has an actively contributing community, whose edits are to be treated with respect. If you are new to our wiki, please do not determine that your edits may follow higher quality than the content already provided and communicate with our community or ask our staff which pages are in need of improvement (marked by "Overhaul" template). If marked by the Overhaul template, you are free to rewrite a page to meet wiki standards. We also suggest to consider editing pages that still miss content entirely.

Force theories / Create accounts to argue - Do not come onto our wiki to force your theories. While polite theorizing is allowed, we do not tolerate users who try to force their theories in the comment section. If you are leaving a comment just to argue, especially if you are not usually contributing to our community in the first place, you may be subject to be blocked.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions we encountered.

Do you have/want a Discord server? - We as mods had decided very early on that a Discord server would be extra work to moderate with little use for the wiki itself. Offers to moderate for us are kind, though the decision was final.

Do you need more mods? - If we need more help, we will hire trusted editors. This is currently not the case.

Why is this page not finished/Why does no own page exist for this? - If a page is not finished, it means a mod started the project and has not had time yet to finish it entirely. If a page is entirely missing for content, it is very likely because the content is covered on another page and lacks enough information to justify an own article. Always make sure to double check before creating a page for content that is missing.

Why not create articles even if they don't have much info? - Simply because it's unnecessary. Everything short that can be mentioned can be included on a page that summarizes the info. This also applies when two characters share a page. There is no need to have two pages to cover the exact same info.

I know things differently - All wikis work differently, so just try to adjust to how we like it here!

Page Rules

New pages

Only create pages for content that has enough info to be covered in its own page and is within the universe of The Dragon Prince. Near empty pages are discouraged. Before adding a new page on our wiki, ask yourself: Is the page adding valuable information to the wiki or is the information redundant or a copy of another article? Please only add pages that are necessary to improve our content. If you have a suggestion to add a page, please leave a comment. If the topic does not have info to fill out its on page, it will be included on an existing page.


Please use proper grammar and spelling in all articles and try to at least use a level of punctuation in comments, so they are easier to read. Keep an eye on what tense a page text is using. Instead of shortening phrases like "don't", use "do not".


Please follow our image policy when uploading files. Fanart is not allowed due to copyright issues.


Categories are usually added by the staff, meaning that most of the time all needed categories are provided. If you do, however, have a suggestion that would improve locating content, feel free to leave a suggestion. Please only add a category that is essential to finding content and has enough pages to support creating a category to go into. Duplicated categories with a different name usually get deleted (i.e. adding "animals" when "fauna" exists). All pages, with exception of the subpages, should be linked with the "A to Z" category.

Several pages on our wiki include auto-categories, which means a template adds the category for you without having to add it manually. To determine which categories are automatically added, take a look at what categories show up in your publishing preview before adding them manually.


Some of our pages will be marked with a {{Stub}} template, indicating information is missing. Adding information is appreciated, however, please only add information if official information is available.

Sourcing Content

Content that is posted on our Wiki articles must be verifiable. In other words, all information on this site must be able to be supported by a reliable, published source. Content without source will either be removed to avoid spreading misinformation or the editor will be asked where the information was gathered. If you stumble across an unsourced piece of information, please add a {{Cite}} at the end of the sentence or paragraph in doubt.

In order to successfully add a reference to your edit, use the following code:

<ref>[urlhere Name of the reference]</ref>
<ref>[[wiki article]]</ref>
<ref name="Example">Example</ref>           <--- first use of the ref
<ref name="Example"/>                       <--- reappearing link

All pages need a reflist to cite sources, which will be placed at the bottom of a page.


Episode references should be written as

[[Echoes of Thunder|Book One, Chapter 1:"Echoes of Thunder"]]

References using ref names should be using actual words instead of numbers for easy navigation.

<ref name="Spell">[[Callum's Spellbook]]</ref>            <--- correct
<ref name=":0">[[Callum's Spellbook]]</ref>               <--- avoid this!
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