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Please read our image policy to understand what quality and rules our image files follow. If certain image policies are not followed, for example naming patterns, our staff will usually fix it for you, assuming you may be new to files on fandom. If you struggle with a rule or forgot to follow it, please let us know on our userpages!

General Rules


Files should follow a naming pattern or feature easily accessible names. (i.e. "Callum.png" instead of "tumblr34347.png"). Character box images feature the name of the character. Episode page's main images are named after the respective episode, while their credits are numbered, and their screenshots feature simple names relating to the scene displayed. If you wish to rename an image, contact a staff member.

File extensions

There are several file extensions that can be uploaded to our wiki, with the most common being .PNG and JPG. Due to its lossless data compression, .PNG files are generally preferable.

Animated .GIFs are disallowed due to their lack of purpose and distracting quality. If a still image is insufficient to illustrate the text it accompanies, then one should consider rewriting the text to better convey the intended message.

Formats and cropping

  • Non-free images must remain unaltered. Changing colors, adding watermarks, text, or making montages that corrupt the copyright owners' original work is considered to be an infringement, thus the image will be deleted.
    • The only exception to this happens when, in the lack of appropriate screenshots, we must resort to concept art images to depict a character in its respective infobox. In such case, altering the image to remove or alter its background is acceptable for aesthetic reasons.
  • Enhancing the color levels, shading, brightness, contrast, and/or alpha of non-free images should only be done so as to improve their overall quality.
  • Screenshots should preferably be submitted in their original ratio (4:3 or 16:9), unless they could benefit from cropping.
  • If an image contains empty space or elements other than the subject being depicted, the image should be cropped to isolate the subject with respect given to the guidelines concerning closeups.


  • The image should be of the highest quality available, preferably HD or higher. Screen-captures from digital episodes are preferred, with television recordings and other formats being secondary. In the case of duplicate images, the highest quality image is kept.
  • The infobox image should depict the character's most typical and recognizable likeness, unless consensus dictates otherwise.
  • Extreme facial closeups should be avoided.


Replacing (overwriting an image) can take place when the original file is of low resolution/quality. In this case, the original picture must be replaced by exactly the same version with better quality.


Every non-free image is used on The Dragon Prince Wiki under the auspices of the fair use doctrine of the United States Fair use law. This means that they are used for informational/educational purposes, meant to identify the subject of an article and to illustrate something directly relevant to the text in its immediate vicinity.


Given the nature of copyrighted images, The Dragon Prince Wiki tries to use them sparingly, and whenever possible on more than one single article, instead of using different pictures to illustrate the same subject. The use of too many images on the same article should also be avoided. Apart from the general consensus that it causes aesthetic problems, this practice also directly challenges the policy that we use images sparingly.

Users may use up to six copyrighted images on their user pages, as long as those are being used on canon articles. Badge images are exluded from this count. Users may not upload said images for use only on their user space, threads, or for blog purposes. Certain exceptions apply, such as using features similar to sandboxes for the purpose of improving articles.


All images must have clear source info as to where the image is from, added as soon as the image is uploaded. For this, they require to have an {{imagebox}} filled out. The imagebox can be added via a button at the top when opening the editor of the image's page. The template puts an image into its respective category if filled out correctly. Additional categories may be added manually. The information to fill out the given parameters correctly can be found here.

Imageboxes may not be immediately up to date if a new season has aired, as episode names have to be added manually. However, please add the number of episodes regardless, as they will automatically be updated when the template receives an update.


Galleries, such as Character Galleries, should only contain images that display an important feature or scene of the character. Screenshots of the series may only be added if of importance, and should not show several random close ups of a character doing nothing. Valuable screenshots include display of user's magic, life changing scenarios or different forms. Less is more. The gallery layout may not be altered.

Episode Galleries show highlights and credit art of an episode to aid in locating if a certain scene took place during the episode you are searching for. They are usually completed high quality screenshots, and are locked to avoid addition of lesser important scenes.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.