A video game for the The Dragon Prince series is in production by Wonderstorm, Inc. The events of the video game will be considered canon.[1] The game will be a combat-based multiplayer game, but not an MMO. No information about supported platforms or release dates has been made available.[2]

Players will be able to play as characters from the series. Each playable character has an array of move sets that reflect their abilities in The Dragon Prince. Viren, for example, will possess certain moves that are dark magic based, while Rayla will have certain agility based moves and Amaya will have blocking based moves. As a result, character selection requires a bit of strategy, because character abilities are complementary and you want to build a good team. Characters will all have an "ultimate"—an extremely powerful move that can only be used when it has been charged up.[2]


  • A game designer's (Josh Bangs) texture artwork hints at a possible mobile game.[3]
  • The game will not follow a long narrative and will focus on the world of Xadia instead, showing locations not previously shown inside the show.[4]
  • The team of developers includes previous employees of Naughty Dog, Supercell and Atari.[2]
  • Features may include a chat, game servers, authentication, matchmaking, a store, player progression, and more.[5]




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