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The Dragon Prince is a fantasy animated series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond and produced by Wonderstorm as a Netflix original series. Its first season was released on September 14, 2018, followed by a second season on February 15th, 2019.[3] A third season premiered on Friday, November 22, 2019. [4] The entire saga of The Dragon Prince has been greenlit by Netflix and will contain seven books in total,[5] as well as several canon books, such as "Through the Moon".


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The Dragon Prince is produced by Wonderstorm in collaboration with Bardel Entertainment. The show's unique animation style is created using cell-shaded, three-dimensional computer animation; a hybrid between CG and 2D.[6] This choice was made to allow more dynamic camera angles and lighting and to greater-detailed character modeling. To avoid the typical "floatiness" of a computer animated production, the animators emulated Japanese animation by animating the show with 8-12 frames per second.[7] The production follows several steps, including design, storyboarding, model/surfacing, rigging, environment, animation, 2D/3D FX, lighting, and compositing.[6]

Four different technologies were used before Bardel was satisfied with the end product of the model's outlines, including a completely new 2D approach in Harmony. Because toon shading required special care during surfacing, the studio output specific masks to cheat the termination line in lighting. The following rigging step required helping tool as well, and was also quite expensive. FX elements were covered by two teams. Bardel's 3D team looked after CG and figured out how to assetize FX that was hand-drawn in Harmony, while the 2D FX department enhanced compositing by delicately perfecting toonlines, and adding shapes to the shadows on a face or body. A hybrid approach was used at times where the visual was given a CG element and enhanced by 2D, and complex effects like smoke were purely CG. Multiple render engines were used to achieve the look of the show's lighting, requiring an incredible number of rendered layers to achieve maximum versatility in compositing and speed of production.[6]

Netflix provides subtitles in English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, German, and French. There are also audio descriptions available in Spanish, English, Mandarin, French, and German for people with blindness or a visual impairment.[8]

Aaron Ehasz was the head writer and co-executive producer of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and a longtime writer and story editor for Futurama. Richmond co-directed the video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.[9] The two co-founded the multimedia production studio Wonderstorm in 2017, along with Justin Santistevan, to work both on The Dragon Prince and a related video game. Ehasz and Richmond are co-creators and writers on the series, while Giancarlo Volpe, a former director for Avatar, was an executive producer for the first three seasons.


  • Founders - Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond, Justin Santistevan
  • Writers - Devon Giehl, Neil Mukhopadhyay, Iain Hendry, Melanie McGanney Ehasz (Novel)
  • Directors - Villads Spangsberg, Giancarlo Volpe
  • ComposerFrederik Wiedmann
  • Executive at Netflix – Jenna Boyd
  • Animation Directors – Meruan Salim, Carlyle Wilson
  • Animation Coordinator – Tony Power
  • Lead Animator – Brian Ahlf, Eric Childs, Brian Kavanagh, Kevin Kyle, Jody Prouse
  • Other Wonderstorm Staff – Robert Cogburn, Dan Liebgold, Lauren Topal
  • Graphic Novel Staff - Peter Wartman (Author), Xanthe Bouma (Illustrations)
  • Animators, Storyboard and Graphic Artists, etc. – Sabrina Ali, Laura Ambrosiano, Nicki Bianchini, CT Chrysler, Frankie Franco III, Zakiah Grant, Chelsea Gratzlaff, Tim Kaminski, Erica Kim, Nasus Lee, Jessica Mahon, Katie Olson, Daniel Pira, Candice Prince, Devin Rosychuk, Alicia Schaeffer, Siggy Sigmond, Eman Thabet, Dorothy Yang, Caleb Thomas
  • Franchise Manager - Emily Marzonie[10]


Tales of Xadia

Tales of Xadia is a tabletop roleplay game that was released in 2022. A newsletter is available for subscription at the official Tales of Xadia website.[11] The game features a story line set between Book Three and Book Four and ties directly into the events of the series.[12]

The Dragon Prince (Video Game)

A video game for the series is in production by Wonderstorm, Inc. The events of the video game will be considered canon.[13] The game will be a combat-based multiplayer game, but not an MMO. No information about supported platforms or release dates has been made available.[14]

Players will be able to play as characters from the series. Each playable character has an array of move sets that reflect their abilities in The Dragon Prince. Viren, for example, will possess certain moves that are dark magic based, while Rayla will have certain agility based moves and Amaya will have blocking based moves. As a result, character selection requires a bit of strategy, because character abilities are complementary and you want to build a good team. Characters will all have an "ultimate"—an extremely powerful move that can only be used when it has been charged up.[15]


Main Article: Merchandise | Books

A number of other merchandise items have been released in association with The Dragon Prince. These include official soundtracks, as well as toys, including a plush toy of Bait, and several Funko Pop figures. Three tie-in books have been released in the year of 2020, including a novel version of the show's first season, next to new original content.

On October 15th 2020, Wonderstorm has tapped Striker Entertainment to handle worldwide merchandising and licensing for The Dragon Prince, including toys, apparel and accessories.[17]


Promotional Art

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The Dragon Prince won an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Animated Series 2020, while Wonderstorm's composer Freddie Wiedmann was nominated for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition.[19] Rhona Rees was nominated for the UBCP/ACTRA awards 2020 for her role as Nyx.[20]


  • The title cards resemble the pattern previously used in prior projects such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, referring to each season as a "book" and each episode as a "chapter".
  • The social media team behind the series has also released content related to the Pokemon AU, including an alternative narrative for the series and Pokemon-style versions of the characters.
  • Due to its involvement of LGBT+ characters, The Dragon Prince was labeled as an 18+ show on the Russian Netflix, making it inaccessible for children, its main target audience.[1]

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