The Border between Xadia and the Human Kingdoms is a churning river of molten lava, created by powerful dragons when humans were driven to the West for practicing dark magic.[1] It is a horrific scar in the land and is extremely dangerous for even the most seasoned explorers and soldiers. Katolis keeps the Standing Battalion, one of its most powerful armies, on constant guard along The Border. Its troops are led by General Amaya, an iron-fisted commander with a deep hatred for Xadia.[2]

The Xadian side of The Border was once guarded by Avizandum, the King of the Dragons. However, he was later slain through the use of dark magic by King Harrow and Viren.[3]

There are two known paths to cross The Border: The Breach and the Moonstone Path.

The Breach


The Breach was a narrow cliff that connected the two sides of The Border behind a lavafall. The Breach was first discovered by humans, and Katolis established two fortresses there: one on its western end in Katolis itself and another on its eastern end in Xadia. Humans used the Breach to travel secretly into Xadia for some time. However, elves eventually discovered the Breach as well, and eventually, a group of Sunfire Elves, led by Janai, conquered the fortress on the Xadian side.[4][5]

When the Sunfire Elves reclaimed the Katolian fortress and threatened to cross the Breach, Amaya realized that the Standing Battalion lacked the numbers to defend their remaining fortresses if the enemy chose to attack. As a solution, she resorted to destroying the Breach with barrels of explosives that obliterated the connecting path.[6] Viren eventually used Pyrrah's horn to perform a dark magic spell, which opened a new path through the Border to replace the Breach.[3]

Moonstone Path


The Moonstone Path is located in an area where the lava river's flow is weak. The path consists of a series of floating rocks marked with moon runes that glow when struck by moonlight. These rocks are capable of briefly withstanding enough weight to allow people to walk across them from one side of The Border to the other.[7]



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