Magic Spells can be cast by mages or through the use of Primal Stones. The act of casting a spell is done by harnessing the energy of a Primal Source or a magical creature, and then directing that energy toward accomplishing a particular goal, often through the use of runes or incantations. Primal spells are typically cast through Ancient Draconic incantations and runes, whereas dark magic spells are often cast through incantations, in which the mage speaks backward.

To cast Primal spells, a caster requires Primal Energy, if they are not in the possession of a Primal Stone, for example, a storm or strong breeze for sky magic.[1] A mage must harness a certain amount of Primal energy to cast a spell. Runes must be drawn by hand precisely, and the magic itself is sometimes tied to the physical ability of the user, just like "Aspiro" requires the mage to blow air from their lungs, and "Manus. Pluma. Volantus." require a mage to use their arms to fly.

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Moon Magic

Historia Viventem

This spell allows a mage to create a realistic illusion of an event in history. Cast by Lujanne, this spell showed Callum the ancient moon magic rituals of Moonshadow Elves thousands of years ago, before the split of Xadia.[2] The spell creates shimmering blue illusions that reenact a historic event, while also producing sound. The spell forms itself around the land where mage spoke the incantation, recreating a past event that happened in that location. It can be cast using a Moon Opal.[3] The etymology of the spell stems from the Latin 'Historia', meaning "history", and "Viventem", meaning "living being". Therefore, the incantation could best be read as "living history".


Illusion magic can be exhibited by experienced moon mages. They are capable of creating illusions; from giant monsters[4] to duplicates of themselves and others. These illusions can also be used to create disguises for a moon mage, such as when Lujanne disguised herself as a human.[5] Lujanne was also able to make an illusion appear solid by applying the illusion onto a physical object.[6]


This cloaking spell was cast by Runaan by crushing a Moon Opal as a power source.[7] The spell allows elves to conceal themselves, nearby objects and allies, and their surrounding environment from unwanted onlookers. The spell disguises the caster and their allies as trees and other items, such as their equipment and other natural objects. The etymology of the spell derives from the Latin "Mystica", meaning "mystic" or "magic" and "Arbora", meaning "tree". Therefore, the incantation could best be read as "magic-tree", most likely because it disguises the caster and their allies as trees.

Silvergrove Ritual

A dance that Moonshadow Elves perform to see and enter the Silvergrove, which is concealed by a spell.[8]


"Ghosts" are Moonshadow Elves who are cursed by their kin due to dishonorable actions, effectively banishing them. The spell prevents ghosts from being seen or heard by those who cast it on themselves, and the caster appears faceless to ghosts. The spell can also be expanded to bystanders if a "ghosted" Moonshadow Elf brings someone else into the Silvergrove with them, in which case the person can not be heard or seen either. However, ghosts can still be seen through reflections. Being ghosted is a unanimous community decision that has to be discussed by all members of the Silvergrove and is not taken lightly.[9] Ghosting can temporarily be interrupted when an elf touches hands with those that have been "ghosted", though the requirements are currently unknown.[8]

Mors Aperta

Before its destruction by ancient Moonshadow Elves, the Moonhenge was once used by the said elves to open a portal to a world between life and death in the Moon Nexus's lake, allowing living people to visit the otherworldly realm. This ritual involves performing a dance and speaking the Ancient Draconic incantation.[6] The etymology of the spell derives from the Latin "Mors", meaning "death", and "Aperta", which means "to open" or "to unlock". Therefore, the incantation could be read as "open/unlock death".

Regina draconis

This spell was cast to assign the Dragon Queen Zubeia as the recipient for Shadowhawk arrows.[10] The etymology of the spell derives from the Latin "Regina" and "Draconis", which translates directly to "Queen of the Dragons".

Sky Magic


This spell allows a mage to unleash a strong breath of wind in front of them, pushing people or objects backward. The power of the whirlwind can be controlled by the caster; Claudia used the spell to turn the pages of a book,[11] while Callum used it to temporarily hold off an avalanche.[12] When using the spell, the caster is able to change its direction.[13] The etymology of the spell derives from the Latin "Aspiro", meaning "I breathe/to blow upon" and can be read as "I breathe wind".

Aspiro Frigis

This spell is a variant of "Aspiro" and allows a mage to generate an extremely powerful blast of ice, strong enough to temporarily freeze an enormous entity.[14] The ice explodes forward from where the mage casts it, encasing anything in its way in ice. The etymology of the spell derives from the Latin "Aspiro" (explained above) and "Frigis", which could come from the Latin "Frigus", meaning "cold". Therefore, the incantation could best be read as "I breathe cold wind". A variant of this spell was used by Aaravos to freeze an object and cause it to break apart.


This spell allows a mage to generate powerful electricity and unleash devastating bolts of lightning at enemies. The lightning collects in the casters hand and is released when they cast the incantation. However, if the mage only knows the rune and not the incantation, a bolt of lightning will be stuck to their hand. The only way of ending the spell without the incantation is to either toss away the Primal Stone or discharge the electricity in a conductive source like water.[1] The etymology of the spell is derived from the Latin "Fulminis", which could come from the Latin word "Fulmen", meaning "lightning". A variant of this spell was used by Aaravos to attack multiple targets in one blow.

Manus. Pluma. Volantus.

A spell which is primarily used by sky mages. It allows the caster to grow wings from their arms and use them to fly, which are referred to as "mage wings"[15] by elves. Unlike other spells, this requires that the runes be physically printed on the mage's arms. It translates to "Hands. Feathers. Fly.".[3]

A variation of the spell turns only one arm into a wing, suggesting that casters can use their free arm for combat if needed. However, the runes, incantation or the extent to which a mage can do this has yet to be revealed.[16]

Ventus Spiralis

A spell that creates a spiraling gust of wind, allowing casters and those around them to breathe in areas with thin air.[17] The name of the spell is derived from the Latin "Ventus" meaning "wind" and either "Spīra" or "Spīrō" (another form of the word being "Spīrātis"), meaning "spiral" or "breathe" respectively. Depending on which word the spell was based on it could be translated as "Spiraling wind" or "We breathe [the] wind".

Sun Magic

Unnamed Spells

  • A spell used by Aaravos to shoot blasts of fire.
  • A spell used by the Sunfire High Priest to create rings of light around someone.[17]
  • A light cast by the Sunforge, which reveals whether one's heart is pure or not.[17]

Corrupted Sun Magic

These spells are cast using a sun staff corrupted through dark magic.

  • Noctu Igne: This spell allows a mage to conjure and launch an orb of fiery energy at an intended target. It translates to "Night Fire".[18]
  • Tenebris Praesidium: This spell allows a mage to create a force field of pure energy. It translates to "Dark Protection".[18]

Dark Magic

Aaravos's Blood Ritual

This ritual was a dark magic process involving Aaravos and Viren, serving the purpose of transporting the elf's caterpillar familiar from one side of the magic mirror to the other. First, both Aaravos and Viren gathered a purple cloth, a golden thread and a needle, a mortar and pestle, a rock, and a chalice containing water. Next, both of them sewed a rune into the purple cloth with the golden thread. Aaravos then drew a glowing purple rune in the air, transforming into a ball of purple light that he pushed towards the mirror. The ball of light disappeared when it hit the mirror, while the runes sowed into the cloths golden glow. Aaravos levitated the rock into the air and the cloth encased it, then his cloth unraveled to reveal the rock had broken in half and become a geode, filled with crystals. Viren then covered his rock with the cloth and broke the rock in half with the pestle, forming two geode halves. Aaravos and Viren then grounded the crystals in the geode and poured the powdered crystals into the water-filled chalices. The mixture released a purple vapor that flowed into the air. Both of them drunk the potion, which was apparently "surprisingly not terrible". Next, both Aaravos and Viren cut their palm with a dagger and bled into the empty mortar. As soon as their blood fell into the mortars, purple flames burned for a second before a swirling red and purple light filled Aaravos's bowl. Aaravos then took a dark purple caterpillar-like creature out of his mouth and it crawled into the bowl. When the creature entered Aaravos's bowl the red light faded but, at the same time, Virens mortar glowed red and the creature appeared, lying at the bottom of his mortar.


  • Dancing Flames Spell - "Semalf gnippiks gnipael." ("Leaping skipping flames."): This spell allows a mage to conjure a small flame that leaps between multiple targets, setting them on fire and growing stronger before disappearing. This spell was cast by Claudia using an Emberback Spider.
  • Fertility Spell: This spell uses the heart of a Magma Titan and allows a mage to warm a vast region, allowing an enormous bounty to be grown.
  • Fusing Spell - "Ecnesse ruoy esuf." ("Fuse your essence."): This spell allows a mage to infuse wisps with the essence of a living being.
  • Grasping Spell - "Nwod meht gard, psarg gnihtirw." ("Writhing grasp, drag them down."): This spell allows a mage to conjure a huge, spectral octopus that will use its tentacle to seize the intended target. It uses the tentacle of an octopus.
  • Healing Spell - "Sbmil eseht ot efil gnirb." ("Bring life to these limbs."): This spell supposedly allows a mage to cure a person of paralysis. The spell requires flower petals and a tad of grasshopper goop.[19] A successful cast requires the sacrifice of a deer.[20]
  • Hearts of Cinder - "Nrub tonnac rednic fo straeh." ("Hearts of cinder cannot burn."): This spell uses corrupted Sun Primal magic to transform humans into fiery monsters with increased strength and stamina. The affected resemble Sunfire Elves in their heat-mode. They are not only impervious to fire but also strengthened by it.[18]
  • Heating Spell - "Latem eht taeh, hcuot gninrub." ("Burning touch, heat the metal."): This spell allows a mage to heat a weapon's metal.
  • Homing Spell - "Kram ruoy dnif, tlob rekeestraeh." ("Heartseeker bolt, find your mark."): This spell allows a mage to ensure that a projectile never misses its target, no matter the circumstances. It uses the eye of a gryphon.[21]
  • Illuminating Spell - This spell allows a mage to cast a torch-like light from the palm of their hands, which can then be used to light up a dark area.
  • Illusion Spell - This spell allows a mage to conceal their true form. It uses the essence of Sunray Monarchs.
  • Path Opening Spell - "Gnittes txen rou ot htap eht laever dna em erofeb trap." ("Part before me and reveal the path to our next setting."): This spell allows a mage to remove obstacles or impediments and open a path to pass.
  • Power Sucking Spell - "Rewop rouy swollaws eh, thgim rouy swollaws eh, traeh rouy swollaws eh." ("He swallows your heart, he swallows your might, he swallows your power."): This spell allows mages to siphon the power inside a magical creature into their bodies.
  • Revealing Spell - "Cigam rouy laever." ("Reveal your magic."): This spell allows a mage to discover a magical object's true nature and potential secrets.
  • Seeing Eye Spell - "Neddih si tahw laever eye gniees eurt." ("True seeing eye reveal what is hidden."): This spell allows a mage to see a magical object's true nature and potential secrets.
  • Silencing Spell - "Eciov eht laets." ("Steal the voice."): This spell allows a mage to silence someone by taking their voice. It uses the mummified paw of a Xadian Singing-Weasel.
  • Smoky Resurrection Spell - "(subject) niaga esir, nellaf fo hsa." ("Ash of fallen, rise again (subject)."): This spell, using the ashes of deceased creatures on a Shadowlife Candle, made from the blood of a Moon Phoenix mixed with earwax from a dragon. It allows a mage to summon smoky afterimages of the once-alive creatures to do their bidding. The summoned creatures are a combination of smoke and spirit and are impervious towards material objects or weapons. The incantation varies according to what is being resurrected: "Srekees ykoms niaga esir, nellaf fo hsa." ("Ash of fallen, rise again smoky seekers.")[10] or "Snissassa ykoms niaga esir, nellaf fo hsa." ("Ash of fallen, rise again smoky assassins.") They'll only disappear when their task is done or when they are destroyed with magic.[22]
  • Snake Binding Spell - "Meht dnib leets gnirehtils." ("Slithering steel bind them."): This spell allows a mage to transform an object into snakes to bind someone. The snakes then morph into chains.
  • Snake Morphing Spell - "Dnibnu leets gnirehtils." ("Slithering steel unbind."): This spell is capable of transforming an object, such as chains, into snakes using the essence of a white powder or a snake's belly.
  • Soul Switching Spell: This spell allows a mage to switch the souls of two bodies using a two-headed Soulfang Serpent.[12]
  • Soul Trapping Spell - "Erusaert ym si luos ruoy." ("Your soul is my treasure."): This spell allows a mage to trap someone within an object. It is chanted in repetition to take effect. Viren used this spell to seal Runaan within a mysterious gold coin.[23]
  • Suffocating spell - "Htaerb eht laets." ("Steal the breath"): This spell allows a mage to suffocate someone by taking their breath. It uses the mummified paw of a Xadian Singing-Weasel.
  • Tracking Spell - "(subject) eht kees." ("Seek the (subject)."): This spell allows a mage to track down a living being using a part of their biology e.g. hair or nails. The spell requires to fuse the biology with some wisps and cast it in the highest possible place. The incantation varies according to what is tracked: "Fle wodahsnoom eht kees." ("Seek the Moonshadow Elf.")[4] or "Natit amgam eht kees." ("Seek the Magma Titan.")
  • Ultimate Weapon of Vengeance - "Etah fo nopaew a htiw efil niard ot, ssol dna evol fo tonk delgnat a tsiwt." ("Twist a tangled knot of love and loss, to drain life with a weapon of hate.)": This ancient spell creates a weapon capable of ending the life of a specific being by turning it into stone. The spell requires the horn of a unicorn, the last breath of a victim killed by the target, and the blood of someone who loved the victim.[24]




  • Ancient Draconic is composed of real-world Latin.
  • Dark magic incantations are composed of specific sentences spoken in reverse.
  • If a mage is attacked before completing a spell, it will be canceled out.[18]
  • Some spells are an exception and do not require a rune to be drawn. They instead make use Primal Stones or magic gems. For example, the cast of "Mystica-Arbora" only requires a Moon Opal as a catalyst.
  • Like in the case of Aaravos, Archmages have a high-level mastery of magic and are therefore capable of casting spells without an audible incantation.
  • An unused spell concept was imagining Claudia to form tendrils from her arm during the final battle, which would have drawn in the dragons attacking her father's forces.[15]


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