Sol Regem is an Archdragon of the Sun and the former King of the Dragons, with his era dating back 1200 years before the birth of Azymondias.[1]


Sol Regem towers over ordinary dragons in terms of sheer size and height, easily casting a massive shadow upon the ground. He has amber scales, red wings, and a light underside. He sports red tufts of fur on his elbows and tail, dark brown claws, horns that resemble rays of sunlight, and a mane of white hair above his neck. In his prime, he had small glowing blue eyes, but after being blinded by Ziard, he gained a massive red scar that covers most of his face, including his ruined eyes.

In the following 1000 years, Sol Regem's body has shown signs of aging and deterioration. His muzzles are torched, his scales are flaking and somewhat darker than in his youth, parts of his horns have cracked or chipped off, his chin now sports a white beard, and there are several holes and tears on his wings, as well as a few noticeable scars on his neck and limbs. He has also grown a pair of small nasal horns and three small dark gray spikes above each eyebrow.


Little is known about Sol Regem. However, he appears to be an arrogant misanthrope as he refers to humans as "lesser beings" and showed no hesitation to destroy the city of Elarion when Ziard abused dark magic. He is also shown to have no qualms about killing other Xadians, even fellow dragons, in order to kill a human being, as shown when he threatened to kill Rayla and Azymondias, if they allowed Callum to escape. He does have loose scruples, however, as he despises dark magic for its fatal effects on innocent creatures. This does not free innocent humans from being subjected to his wrath though, regardless of their age or whether or not their actions/behavior have wronged him, making him a hypocrite.

Known as the "Sun King", Sol Regem was once gleaming, powerful, proud, and revered as the King of the Dragons. However, after being blinded by Ziard, his hatred of humans and dark magic made him a symbol of rage and bitterness.[2]

Skills and Abilities

Sun Primal Connection

As an Archdragon of the Sun, Sol Regem possesses a vast connection to the Sun. He can unleash a massive stream of fire from his mouth and his throat glows orange when he performs this ability. However, he needs to recharge for a few minutes after blasting his fire. Every time another of the scales on his belly glows, he is one step closer to being fully charged.[3]

Physical Attributes

Sol Regem is massively strong, able to withstand the fireball that was cast by Ziard, but he had to dive into a body of water to extinguish the searing flames that gave him his scar. He is also fast and agile for a creature of his size.[3]


Sol Regem is able to fly at great speed.[3]


Sol Regem can use his sense of smell to detect whether someone has used dark magic or not.[3]


  • "Sol Regem" is Latin for "Sun King".
  • Sol Regem served as a representative for the show on selective promotional art.
  • According to the timeline, Sol Regem was the first Dragon King of Xadia but had the shortest reign of 200 years.[1]
  • The way Sol Regem's throat lights up before breathing fire is similar to Smaug from the "The Hobbit" films.
  • Sol Regem is the first dragon in the series who speaks on-screen.
  • The Sunfire Elves revere Sol Regem, repeating the shape of his horns in their crowns, weapon designs, and architecture.[2]
  • According to an interview with Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, Sol Regem will be freed and will return at some point during book 4.[4]
  • Sol Regem has a symbiotic relationship with the flock of Sunbirds that flies by his side during the introduction of Xadia.[4]


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