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Shadowpaws are a species of mammalian magical creatures that are connected to the Moon Primal.


Shadowpaws are black, gray and blue-furred feline creatures, which sport a pair of horns with swirling patterns. Their feet seem to lack fur while the rest of their bodies are covered in a thick, bushy pelt, with a prominent mane around the neck. Their eyes have been shown to have black scleras with blue irises. Instead of paws, they have bird-like feet with talons.



Native to the Moonshadow Forest, the protective Shadowpaw and the prideful Moonstrider have lived peacefully alongside the Moonshadow Elves for generations. Over the years, some have been tamed and domesticated for use as mounts, hunting partners, and often simple companionship. They can be found living inside the Silvergrove.

Despite enormous physical strength and ferocity under duress, the Shadowpaw was the first creature companion to the Moonshadow Elves. The Shadowpaw's protective, familial nature proved a natural match to the elves' reclusive, intimate lifestyles.[1]

Shadowpaw fur can be used to create Abyssal Incenses.[2]

Skills and Abilities

Moon Primal Connection

Shadowpaws draw their power from the Moon.

Strength and Endurance

Shadowpaws are strong enough to carry several individuals on their backs while running at full speed for several hours.




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