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Saleer is a former member of Katolis's High Council who became Viren's ally after dropping his support for King Ezran. After the battle at the Storm Spire, he was taken as a prisoner for high treason.[1]


Saleer is a dark-skinned man with a short, dark brown beard and mustache, and thick eyebrows. His clothing consists of a red hat and a gray shirt with white, golden, and red accents that sports the symbol of Katolis in the center.


Saleer initially appeared to be a loyal advisor to the throne of Katolis alongside Opeli. However, he would later reveal that he is not truly loyal to the monarchy or the royal family, but rather to whomever he believes will maintain the power and security of Katolis. This was shown when Ezran assumed the throne and declared his intention to sue for peace, rather than war against Xadia; a decision Saleer disagreed with.[2] This, along with political pressure from Neolandia, prompted Saleer to plot with Prince Kasef and Viren to have Ezran dethroned and imprisoned, whilst supporting Viren's ascension to the throne, as well as the war against Xadia.[3] As an advisor, Saleer always sought shortcuts to problems. When Opeli held an emergency council meeting, Saleer was the only one who refused to charge Viren for treason.[4]

Saleer seems to have a stabilized mind and is just as clever and tactical as Viren. When he disapproved of Ezran's peaceful intentions, he didn't openly oppose him as Kasef did. Instead, he kept his opinion quiet and carefully planned out how they would get the better of him.[2] When Viren took the throne, Saleer was the first to cheer him on and was able to manipulate others into cheering too.[3]

Saleer appeared to be wholeheartedly loyal to Viren and also seemed to have no qualms about the dark mage turning the human armies into lava monsters.[1]

Skills and Abilities


Saleer was able to persuade Kasef that threatening war in the name of the kingdoms of Neolandia, Evenere, and Del Bar would be enough to convince Ezran to abdicate his position as king. This persuasion eventually led to Saleer successfully convincing Kasef to join Viren's forces.


  • Saleer's name shares a similarity with the name "Sameer", which is Arabic for "good friend" or "companion".[5]
  • When Ezran returned to Katolis in "Sol Regem", the Banther he rode on growled at Saleer long before he sided with Viren, implying he already had nefarious intentions.


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