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Pyrrah is a Fire Dragon with an itch to fight humans[2], who became an ally of Team Zym after they rescued her.[3]


Pyrrah is a large Fire Dragon with red and black scales, a mane of yellow hair, wide wings with white spots scattered across their upper backside, as well as glowing red marks on their inside. Her head, which is adorned with yellow stripes across her snout, cheeks, and forehead area, features four large horns (one later broken off by Soren)[4] and spiky cheeks. Two long whiskers grow from her muzzle. Her underbelly, as well as her claws and partial scales on all legs, are colored in a light yellow hue. Her tail expands into a spiky end and is colored in the same yellow as her head. Her eyes are light blue.


Pyrrah has a quick temper and is initially hostile towards the Human Kingdoms.[4] However, when somebody helps her, she does not hesitate to return the favor even if the savior happens to be from an enemy nation.[3] Pyrrah, unlike other prominent dragons such as Avizandum or Sol Regem, does not appear to be capable of speech due to the fact her age is younger than 75 years.[5]

Skills and Abilities

Sun Primal Connection

As a Fire Dragon, Pyrrah draws power from the Sun. Due to this connection, she can unleash streams of fire from her mouth.[4]

Physical Attributes

Due to her size, Pyrrah is exceptionally strong. She can effortlessly swat Soren away with her tail and carry Ezran on her back.[4][6] She lands heavily, making the ground shake under her feet, and she can sometimes make the earth shake with her footsteps alone. She can also leave deep etchings of symbols in stone using only her claws.


Pyrrah is a skilled and agile flier who can narrowly avoid ballista bolts.[4]


  • The name "Pyrrah" derives from the Ancient Greek "pûr/Púrrhā", meaning "flame-colored, red fire".[7] In Greek mythology, Pyrrha was also the daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora, who was named after her red hair.[8]
  • Earlier color options of Pyrrah's scales were reused for the Fire Dragons fighting by her side during "The Final Battle". The colors included black and orange, as well as green and red combinations. In these designs, Pyrrah's mane and tail were set ablaze.[9]


Book Two - Sky

Book Three - Sun