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The Pokemon Alternative Universe (AU) is a creative community creation hosted by the social media team of The Dragon Prince on Twitter. It features the popular franchise Pokémon, where the characters are portrayed as Pokémon Trainers, using the #PokemonTDPAU tag.


Welcome to Xadia! A realm once native to powerful Dragon-type Pokémon, Xadia has a history of strife. The dragons did not take kindly to the humans settling in their lands - and they took even less kindly to trainers capturing them for their own means...[1]

Callum and Rayla are two friends from the sleepy outskirts of Tower Town. Both are ready to start their Pokémon journey! Callum has never had a Pokemon of his own, but Rayla is followed everywhere by a mischievous Zorua.[2]


Callum's younger brother Ezran is not a trainer, but he has a mysterious ability to bond with wild Pokémon, and they’ve followed him around since before he could talk.[3]

One day, a chance adventure into the mysterious ruins outside of Tower Town leads to the discovery of something incredible: Three Pokémon eggs! Callum, Rayla and Ezran take the eggs back to Tower Town's Pokémon Professor...[4]

Tower Town Professor Ibis and Assistant Professor Kazi have been studying the Pokemon of Xadia for years. Professor Ibis often claims he “knows everything there is to know about Pokemon” and believes the eggs to be Rock-type, but Kazi realizes the truth: they’re Dragon-type eggs![5]

Within a few days, the eggs hatch! The Professors agree: Callum, Rayla and Ezran should be the dragons’ trainers, because they’ll need to be kept safe in Xadia, where Dragon types are so mistrusted.

So... between Callum, Rayla and Ezran, who chooses what?[6]

Team Dark

Woah -- what's this? As our heroes leave Whisperleaf Town, they're ambushed by a strange duo - they identify themselves as Soren and Claudia of Team Dark! They demand that the trio turn over their Dragon-type Pokémon to Team Dark... or else!

Team Dark seeks to control Dragon-type Pokémon for the good of all of Xadia! Dragon-types are just too dangerous to be trusted - only Team Dark can inhibit their incredible power! Trust in Team Dark![7]


Towns and Gyms

Tower Town
Gren is the leader of the Tower Town gym and trains Normal-type Pokémon. He tends a small garden behind the gym, where he grows strawberries and other treats for hungry wild Pokémon.

Defeat Gren and win the Strawberry Badge![8]

Minccino Bidoof
High in the mountains west of Tower Town is Winterpeak. The year-round icy cold weather is a natural defense against attacking dragon-type Pokémon. Here trainers can challenge Ellis, the youngest gym leader in Xadia, for a chance to win the Alpine Badge![9]
Vulpix (Alolan) Glaceon Snom
Port Ruth
Yarr! Board his ship at Port Ruth to challenge Villads, the master of water Pokémon, whose blindness is no obstacle to captaining and battling at the same time. He knows Dhelmise is not a Pokémon, but he doesn’t care.

Defeat him for the Galley Badge![10]

Blastoise Relicanth Dhelmise
Whisperleaf Town
If you can find your way through the twisting paths of the Silent Woods, you’ll find yourself in Whisperleaf Town, where settlers carved out a home long ago to hide from dragons.

Challenge Corvus, the grass-type master, for a chance at the Scout Badge![11]

Shiftry Sawsbuck Grovyle
The secretive town of Crowfeather has a seedy reputation for crime and thievery. Things have a tendency to go missing in Crowfeather, but the town’s Flying-type gym leader, Nyx, denies all allegations of skulduggery.

Defeat Nyx to claim the Thief Badge![12]

Gliscor Fearow Murkrow
Moonrise Caldera
Atop the Moonrise Caldera is the Fairy-type gym, one of the oldest in Xadia. The leader, Lujanne, is a master of illusion once tasked with befuddling dragons to keep the Caldera safe. Now she turns her tricks on her challengers!

Defeat Lujanne for the Luna Badge![13]

Ditto (As Mr. Mime) Ditto (As Clefairy) Ditto (As Gardevoir)
Cinder City
Carved into a hollow and dormant volcano, Cinder City was conquered by trainers who drove dragons out of their home long ago. The city's militant gym leader, Janai, does not hold back in fiery clashes with her challengers.

Defeat Janai to claim the Ember Badge![14]

Ninetails Talonflame Typhlosion Pyroar
Ironwall Bastion
Ironwall Bastion is an enormous fortress built to defend against the dragons long ago. General Amaya, a master of steel-type Pokémon, carries on the legacy as Xadia’s mightiest defender.

Challenge Amaya for the Fortress Badge... and prepare for Xadia's Elite Four![15]

Metacross Aggron Copperajah

Pokémon League

Before our trainers challenge the Elite Four, Rayla tells Callum to prepare for a double battle. How does she know? Well… the first challengers are her dads, Runaan and Ethari!

Runaan’s Ghost-types bring deadly offense, while Ethari’s Steel-types protect them!

Marowak (Alolan) Decidueye Exacdrill Aegislash (Both forms, one shiny) Bronzong
Aanya’s mothers, Neha and Annika, were gym leaders before their deaths to a terrifyingly powerful Dragon. Aanya inherited their Ground and Fighting Pokémon, who battle fiercely to protect her. Aanya's skill as a trainer has earned her a place among the Elite Four![16]
Nidoqueen Lucario Gallade Rhydon Mienshao Blaziken
Callum has a secret, too -- but he wasn’t planning on sharing it just yet. The third member of the Elite Four catches him completely off guard: Harrow, his stepfather. But Harrow used to be the leader of the Elite Four... what happened?[17]
Tyrannitar Salamence Haxorus Tyrantrum Gigalith Aerodactyl
So this is Harrow’s usurper: Lord Viren, master of Dark and Poison-type Pokemon, defeated Harrow and took his place as leader of the Elite Four. But there's something strange about his Pokemon -- they're almost unnaturally powerful. Like they've been manipulated...

Ezran points out that Viren's Pokemon seem to be in pain... what's going on?!

Viren makes an ominous declaration: once they've been defeated, Callum and Rayla's Dragons will belong to Team Dark! Callum and Rayla are in for the fight of their lives![18]

Yveltal Houndoom Scolipede Drapion Gengar Absol
A final challenger awaits: Aaravos, the Champion, and the true power behind Team Dark. His uncanny connection to Psychic-types allows him to peer into the minds of other Pokemon and bend them to his will, even without catching them...

He claims this unlocks his Pokemon's "true potential," and perhaps there's something to it: his team is unbelievably powerful. But just like Viren's Pokemon, there's something wrong. They're violent, angry, unpredictable, and in pain... Ezran almost can't bear it.

Xadia has achieved balance, Aaravos claims, not by capturing Dragons but by subjugating them entirely. And now he will do the same to Callum, Rayla and Ezran's dragons!

Will their bonds of friendship and love resist Aaravos' power, or will they too succumb?[19]

Starmie Kyurem Runerigus Unown (F) Alakazam (Mega) Espeon

Involved Pokémon


  • Lujanne uses transformed Dittos to uphold her illusions, whose faces are a reference to the episode Ditto's Mysterious Mansion, in which a Ditto fails to adjust its facial features during transformation.
  • It was never revealed which partner was picked by the main trio, in order to allow fans to build their own teams for the characters.[22]


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