Pip is a Xadian Songbird and was King Harrow's pet until the latter's death.[1]


Pip is a black, eagle-sized songbird with long, green head feathers, and a green crest on his head. His beak is light brown and his eyes are colored in a yellow hue. He also has lighter beige patches formed around his eye socket.


Pip is very loyal to Harrow and would often stay by his side. He expresses himself through pleasant, melodic chirps and squawks. In turn, Harrow became more attached to Pip following the death of his wife, Sarai.[2]


Book One - Moon

Echoes of Thunder

Pip is sitting on the armrest of Harrow's chair when his master is being woken by Viren and is later carried onto the balcony, where he receives affectionate pets.


Pip is sitting with the castle's crossbow defense before flying off to join Harrow in his room. When he tells his pet that he may die today, Pip rubs against him, receiving praise for the best bird kisses. He later lands on Harrow's shoulder and squawks while Viren is scolded for disobedience.


Pip has been caged by Viren, who approaches him on the day of his coronation, asking him if he would get no song for the occasion. Pip only tilts his head without any form of verbal response.

Book Two - Sky


After Viren is arrested, Pip's cage is knocked down and the door opens, allowing him to escape. His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • A popular fan theory used to suggest that Viren used his two-headed Soulfang Serpent[3] to switch the souls of Pip and Harrow. This was later debunked by creator Justin Richmond at San Diego Comic Con 2019, when Harrow was confirmed to be dead. This decision was made as not to downplay the significance his death had on the story and characters.[4][5]


Book One - Moon

Book Two - Sky




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