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Opeli is a respected member of Katolis's High Council, a group of advisers who aid the king in his duties. She is a traditionalist to her core: if Katolis had a rulebook, she would know it by heart. Opeli has served the Kingdom of Katolis with love and devotion for her entire life, and sees Viren's attempts to secure the throne as terrible treason.[3]


Opeli is a tall woman of indeterminate age, pale skin, long caramel hair, and gray eyes. She wears a sleeveless white robe over a burgundy tunic, both of which are accented with gold outlines and the former having a hood that is constantly seen over her head. She also wears a pair of dark pants and gray boots, and a silver circlet.


Opeli is a rather brave woman, standing up to Viren on multiple occasions despite knowing full well that he is a master of dark magic, displaying a sternness and steeliness in her bearing. She is also willing to bloody her hands for the good of her kingdom, as she was fully committed to giving the order to end Viren's life when he was confronted for treason and later arrested.

Underneath her tough and stern exterior, Opeli is shown to be guiding, understanding, gentle, caring, and loyal to Ezran when he was faced with the dilemma of being king.

Skills and Abilities

Opeli knows every rule and law of Katolis by heart.[1] She also appears to be quite an effective administrator of the kingdom, as would be required of someone of her occupation. Opeli is also quite effective as a commander of the castle guards, having organized a squad of archers to capture and/or kill Viren should he resist arrest.

Opeli is well-versed in the Human Kingdoms' military prowess, as displayed by her realistic estimation for the outcome of war between the three kingdoms of Neolandia, Evenere, and Del Bar against Katolis.


  • The name "Opeli" translates to "opal gem" in Tongan and Polynesian.[4]
  • Very early on in Season 1's writing, the writers were going to have both Gren and Opeli locked up in Viren's dungeon, and they were going to chat. Opeli was going to hate him quite a bit at first, but they would eventually become great friends. The idea was scrapped when Opeli became a major character and the writers liked her better as a lawful foil to Viren.[5]
  • Opeli likes tradition, the beach, holidays, and planning parties. She dislikes messes, rule breakers, laziness, and too many people inside the throne room.[1]


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