Naimi-Selari-Nykantia, or commonly known as Nyx, is a Skywing Elf.


Nyx is a slim elf with broad hips and a purple-blue hued skin tone. Her facial features are unique, as she has bi-colored eyes, golden on the right and cyan on the left, as well as dark purple lips. Her nose, forehead, and cheek area are marked by a lighter colored symbol, unlike the rest of her body. While her feathered wings, which are located on her lower back, appear in a wine red tone, her hair transitions from a white to a light blue hue, over a cyan color into a dark blue. Her hairstyle consists of thick side bangs which are each brushed to a different side, long strands in front, and a messy backside. A set of two different horns is placed on the top and side of her head, the upper ones being small and brown and the lower ones being bent and white. She is seen dressed in a white & light blue shirt, thin dark brown jacket with white sleeves, woven leather bracers, gray pants with light blue features, and tall, gray greaves.


Nyx is clever and decisive, and she will do anything to get what she wants. Eager to use questionable methods, her sense of following morals seems over-toned by a certain amount of greed. She's quirky, cheerful, and generally carefree. She is skilled at deception, capable of deceiving even the wary Rayla.

Nyx's wings are a rare gift among Skywing Elves — a gift she uses to embrace a life of freedom, adventure, and… well, crimes. Crafty and silver-tongued, she is always on the lookout for a chance at treasure or coin… and what could be a better prize than the Dragon Prince himself?

—Official Description[2]

Skills and Abilities

Sky Primal Connection

As a Skywing Elf, Nyx draws power from the Sky.


Nyx is capable of flight, due to being born with wings.


Staff: Nyx possesses a versatile spear-staff, which is equipped with boomerangs.


  • "Nyx" comes from the Greek personification of Night.
  • Nyx is the first and only character in The Dragon Prince to possess complete heterochromia, eyes with different colors.
  • There were design approaches that considered Nyx with wings located on her back. However, the designer eventually tried to move away from an angelic appearance, wanting her to be more unique.[3]
  • Nyx secretly likes the smell of Flatu-lillies but dislikes getting caught, mushy stuff, and Soulfang Serpents.[4]
  • Nyx's nickname in early development was "Hanna Solo". She was also the character that was most experimented on when it came to color schemes.[5]
  • During early development, Nyx was also imagined as a male Skywing Elf. Her experimental color schemes included white and black wings, as well as shades of blue and black for her skin.[5]


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