Moonshadow Elves are a race of elves native to Xadia. They are connected to the magical energy of the Moon. Their primary home is the Silvergrove and their nexus is the Moon Nexus.


Moonshadow Elves are typically pale to dark-skinned, with purple markings stretching across parts of their body. They have white or silver hair, pale eyes that vary in color, and wear teal and black colored clothing and armor. All appear to feature horns of blue to a purple hue, with swirl-like symbols of a lighter hue. Along with Sunfire Elves, Moonshadow Elves are the most similar to humans in terms of overall appearance, allowing them to pass for humans even without the use of magic.


The natural abilities in stealth and speed make the Moonshadow Elves adept assassins and infiltrators. They are at their strongest during the night, when the spirit and energy of the moon enhance their natural strength, agility, endurance, and speed. On the night of a full moon, Moonshadow Elves are at the height of their power and can enter a "Moonshadow Form",[1] allowing them to become nearly invisible. In this state, they phase in and out of a moon dimension, which partially obscures how visible they are and affect their physical state by dematerializing them for a duration of the spell.[2] Very strong Moonshadow Elves may use this ability without requiring a full moon to be present.[3]

Moonshadow Elf mages are known for their powerful deceptive magic, such as creating illusions. Those who are not familiar with magic spells make use of Primal Stones and magic gems, such as Moon Opals, which are also used during the day, when the moon is unable to provide energy.[4]

Some Moonshadow Elves, such as Ethari, are talented craftsmen who are capable of forging deadly metal weaponry, magical tools, and even the delicate metalwork of trinkets and jewelry.[5]

Culture and Customs

Moonshadow Elves live in the Silvergrove, which is hidden underneath a veil of magic and can only be entered through the use of a ritual.[5] Inhabitants of the Silvergrove live in homes built into immensely large trees, preferring to establish their cities within an existing ecosystem. For freestanding structures, stones are used and an apparent preference for high ceilings is present in all of their known dwellings. According to Rayla, Moonshadow Elves have schools, implying egalitarian accessibility to education and knowledge.

Moonshadow Elves obey a rather rigid, honor-driven culture. They believe in duty and oaths above all else, and never show fear towards anything, even death itself. If an assassin ever hesitates or shows mercy, they will be executed on the spot by their own kind.[6] Those believed to have abandoned their duty become "ghosts", Moonshadow Elves who are effectively shunned by their kin through magic. Those who cast the ghosting spell on themselves cannot see or hear ghosts, and they appear faceless to them. Ghosting is a unanimous community decision that has to be discussed by all members of the Silvergrove and is not taken lightly.[7]

Moonshadow Elves can tame Shadowpaws, Moonstriders, and Moon Phoenixes as mounts and pets. They are also particularly fond of Adoraburrs.[8]


Moonshadow Elves typically garb themselves in various shades of green or purple, with accents of silver, brown, and black. They also use Moon Opals as adornments that are as decorative as they are functional. Garments worn by Moonshadow Elves are often layered, but very streamlined, often conforming to the need for mobility over presentation. This does not apply to Moonshadow Elf mages, however, who wear long-sleeved, elegant robes in blue or purple hues. A symbol of the moon can be spotted on various Moonshadow Elf clothing. [9]


Moonshadow Elves consume a strictly vegetarian diet.[6] They are known for their subsistence on moonberries, as a part of their agricultural resources, finding a use for them in everything, ranging from baked goods to distilling them into alcohols, such as wine.[6] They also harvest fresh fruit from the Moonshadow Forest during harvest seasons.[10]


The Moonshadow Elves integrated their buildings into the Moonshadow Forest and constructed the Silvergrove as their home at an unknown point in history. During ancient times, Moonshadow Elf druids performed rituals at the Moonhenge of the Moon Nexus, opening a portal between life and death inside the lake.[11] The Moonshadow Elves were allied with the dragons and other elves in deciding to banish all of humanity to the west of the continent and were actively moving the humans along. The successful banishment was overlooked by their current leader at the time, whose name remains unknown.[12] During this event, they were forced to give their nexus up to the human side of the continent, leading them to assign a guardian to protect the Moon Nexus. To avoid humans tampering with the nexus's Moonhenge, the portal was purposefully destroyed.[13] A Moonshadow Elf mage and warrior represented the Moonshadow Elves next to other important elven authorities at the fights at The Border, where they witnessed the human armies battle Avizandum.[12]

When the Dragon Queen, Zubeia, expected her first and only child, two of the Moonshadow Elves' bravest warriors, Tiadrin and Lain, were chosen as members of the Dragonguard to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. When they were later assumed to have abandoned their duty, they were ghosted by the rest of the Silvergrove.[5]

After the death of Avizandum,[14] the Moonshadow Elves assisted Zubeia in an act of vengeance, when they sent a group of six Moonshadow Elf Assassins to slay King Harrow and Prince Ezran.[12] When none of the elves returned, but Rayla was found to still be alive, she was deemed a coward and was ghosted as well.[5]

The Moonhenge was eventually briefly reconstructed by Callum and Rayla, opening the portal once more.[11]


  • Moonshadow Elves have Scottish and English accents.
  • Moonshadow Elf wedding traditions include dancing.[15]
  • During the prologue of "Echoes of Thunder", an elven warrior can be seen overlooking The Border with a group of elven authorities. This elf was labeled "younger Runaan" during concepts, though as it was slightly altered, it remains unclear if it still Runaan.[16]



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