The Moonshadow Elf Assassins were a group of Moonshadow Elves, who served on a mission to assassinate King Harrow and Prince Ezran as an act of vengeance for Xadia, under the leadership of Runaan. They eventually gave their life during this mission. Their group consisted of Ram, Skor, Callisto, and Andromeda.[1]


Little is known about the four elves. However, they were all loyal assassins to Xadia and were willing to bind their life to their mission.[2] As Moonshadow Elf tradition dictates, they honored their roles in battle when they fought until the very end.[3] Honor and duty were important to them, and they did not approve of Rayla failing her part, even going as far as suggesting to have her killed.[4]


Ram's and Andromeda's skin was darker in tone, while Skor's and Callisto's skin was significantly lighter. However, all four of them featured white hair of varying lengths and styles, as well as blue markings on different parts of their bodies. Andromeda's horns were the only silver ones, while the horns of the other three elves were colored in a brown and purple hue. Skor's and Callisto's eyes were yellow, while Ram's eyes were red and Andromeda's eyes were colored in a light blue.

The four elves were dressed in leather and cloth armor that allowed them to move freely and were each equipped with silver weapons, which came with sharp blades.

Skills and Abilities

Moon Primal Connection

As Moonshadow Elves, Ram, Skor, Callisto, and Andromeda drew their power from the Moon and were at their strongest at night, especially during a full moon. During a full moon, they could enter a "Moonshadow Form", causing them to become nearly completely invisible, which allowed them to take enemies by surprise.[3]


As trained assassins, all four elves were skilled fighters and capable wielders of different weapons.


The assassins were equipped with sharp and deadly weapons, including Andromeda's curved and Skor's straight blade. Callisto's weapon of choice was a double-bladed naginata, while Ram used a wooden bow and small daggers.[5] Each weapon was drenched in poison before their mission.[6]


  • The group's names received their names as a nod towards the fanfiction "Sides of the Moon", written by Tamika Williams (@kuno_12).
  • The name "Callisto" was the name of a nymph in Greek Mythology and derives from "Kalliste", which means "Most Beautiful". A moon of Jupiter is named after the legend.[7]
  • The name "Andromeda" was the name of a goddess in Greek Mythology.
  • The four assassins could not be designed as faceless nobodies, as the aim was for Rayla to hurt upon losing them.[5]


Book One - Moon

Book Two - Sky

Book Three - Sun

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