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Marcos is a member of the elite Crownguard of the Kingdom of Katolis.


Marcos has black hair with light brown eyes and light skin. He wears the traditional set of armor of Katolis with shoulder plates, arm plates, and a gray undergarment beneath them. He uses a sword with a golden pommel and a red grip.


Marcos is loyal to the true royal family of Katolis. He is very brave but became hesitant and surprised when Rayla found, yet spared him, despite her original intent of killing him. As he did not view Viren as his king, Marcos aided the allied forces in the final battle against him as a loyalist of King Ezran.


Book One - Moon

Echoes of Thunder

Marcos is patrolling the forests of Katolis on a rainy night when he inadvertently cross paths with a group of Moonshadow Elf Assassins. The terrified Marcos starts to flee as Rayla chases him down and eventually corners him. Although Marcos expects his end, Rayla chooses to spare the human, which allows him to rush back to Katolis Castle to alert King Harrow and the High Council about the presence of Moonshadow Elves in the kingdom. Marcos later helps Soren and the other guards in tracking down the elves with no success.

Cursed Caldera

Marcos appears in a flashback when Rayla elaborates to Ezran about her inability to kill someone despite her years of training to become an assassin.

Book Two - Sky

The Book of Destiny

Marcos reports to Opeli that the guards are unable to find Viren anywhere in the castle. Opeli then instructs Marcos to continue their search and to not underestimate Viren.


Marcos and the castle guards knock on Viren's office as they demand the High Mage to turn himself in for treason. Viren refuses to surrender, and starts to kill some of the guards with the aid of Aaravos. The guards' numbers eventually overwhelm Viren and they manage to incarcerate him in the dungeons.

Book Three - Sun

The Crown

Marcos enters the throne room to request King Ezran's judgement regarding Soren's and Claudia's future, as they are considered criminals for assisting Viren in committing treason. Ezran, however, chooses to not condemn Soren and Claudia for their father's actions.

Heroes and Masterminds

Upon hearing King Ezran's decree by the new King Viren about those not wishing to fight against Xadia, Marcos is the first to lay down his arms and leaves the castle along with a few others who have chosen to remain in Katolis.

The Final Battle

Marcos participates in the battle against Viren's army at the Storm Spire, surviving until the end. Exhausted and injured, Marcos leans against a rock when a Sunfire Elf named Sabah offers her hand and compliments his brave efforts. He introduces himself to her before she helps him off the battlefield.


  • The name "Marcos" translates to "dedicated to the planet Mars" in Portuguese.[2]
  • Marcos was named by a fan at San Diego Comic Con 2018.[3]
  • Marcos's design is based from a scrapped design idea of Gren during early concept phase.[4]


Book One - Moon

Book Two - Sky

Book Three - Sun