Magical Artifacts are often used to harness certain magical properties or abilities and conduct or control various sources of magic or cast spells. They can be diverse and varied in shapes and sizes, but they are also mysterious and strange, and knowledge about some of them is often rare.

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Assassin's Bindings

Assassin's bindings are ribbon-like objects used by Moonshadow Elf assassins as an oath of honor to their mission. During a ritual to swear an oath, the white bindings are wrapped around a body part, usually a wrist or arm, and bind an assassin to their mission, until their target has been taken out or until they suffer the consequences of their failure. The number of bindings worn by an assassin reflect the numbers of targets of a mission.[1] If a target is not eliminated, the binding will tighten over time, constricting blood flow, and eventually severing the body part.[2] The bindings can usually not be cut or taken off by outside forces, with exception of Rayla's binding, which was bitten off by Azymondias.[3]

Once a target is killed, the binding releases itself and turns red, turning into a "blood ribbon".[4]

Key of Aaravos

The Key of Aaravos is a magical dice-like cube with runes that dictate the six Primal Sources on all sides. When in the presence of a magical creature or a Primal Source, its respective rune glows. It originally belonged to Aaravos before it came into the possession of the Orphan Queen, a female ancestor of Harrow, and was passed down in their family for generations.[5] According to him, legends claim that it unlocks something of great power in Xadia.[6]

Each time Callum rolls the cube, it leaves marks pointing into the same direction, almost as if it is being pulled towards something.[7]

Magic Gems

These rare gems contain primal magic and can be crushed to cast spells; a useful tool used by non-mages to make up for their lack of spell knowledge.[8] For instance, Runaan used a Moon Opal to cast "Mystica-Arbora", a spell of invisibility.[1] It also allows a moon mage to replicate an event of the past as an illusion through the use of "Historia Viventem". A moonstone can be used to create an illusion.[9]

Magic Mirror

A mirror that Viren stole from the dragon lair inside the Storm Spire with mysterious runes inscribed on its frame. It was created to protect the world from an ancient and mysterious threat[10], with Runaan describing it as "something worse than death". It was eventually revealed that Aaravos, an elven Archmage, is trapped inside the mirror.[11] Before Viren stole the mirror, it was kept close to where Avizandum and Zubeia slept.

Metal Lotus

A metal lotus is a handcrafted artifact of the Moonshadow Elves, namely produced by their craftsman Ethari. It serves the purpose of signaling whether an assassin has survived or failed their mission when sent out. Each assassin receives a lotus, which is then placed inside a pool in the Silvergrove, and the lotus sinks to the bottom if its user has died. If the user's life force is difficult to locate, as with Runaan upon being trapped inside a coin, the lotus will slightly sink, but not to the bottom.[12]

Primal Stones

Primal Stones are powerful artifacts that act as conduits to Primal Sources even when the source itself is not immediately available. They give a mage access to primal energy anywhere, anytime: sun magic in darkness, earth magic at sea, and moon magic during the day. They are also the only means by which a human not connected to an Arcanum can use primal magic. But Primal Stones are incredibly rare; only master mages can craft them, and the crafting rituals themselves have largely been lost to time.[13]

Primal Stones were originally created by unicorns, as a way to help the humans of Elarion through famine by giving them the opportunity to cast spells.[10] According to Claudia, the storm that was inside of the Sky Primal Stone came from the top of Mount Kalik.[1]

Several known Primal Stones exist inside Xadia. The most noticeable stones are the Sun Primal Stone embedded into the sun staff of the Sunfire High Priest of Lux Aurea, and the Moon Primal Stone embedded into the staff of an elven leader during the division of Xadia.[1] A Sky Primal Stone that originally belonged to Viren and Claudia was later taken by Callum[1], but ended up destroyed in order to hatch Azymondias.[3] Another Sky Primal Stone is embedded into Ibis's staff.[14][15]


Shadowhawks are bird-shaped arrows that transform into smoky, illuminated hawks when fired. They transform when given the name of their recipient in Ancient Draconic speech. An example is Runaan sending one to the Dragon Queen Zubeia to let her know their mission was complete.

Each arrow has a different meaning. A red arrow carries a message of death and a white arrow carries a message of life.[12]

Shadowlife Candles

Shadowlife Candles are candles made from the blood of Moon Phoenixes mixed with the earwax of dragons. These candles allow mages to create smoky afterimages of deceased living creatures that will do the caster's bidding after sprinkling their ashes on the flame.[10]


Staffs can be used to cast spells. Not much is known about them other than that they are often wielded by mages. The relic staff, the first object that allowed humanity to make use of dark magic, was gifted to Ziard by "one of the great ones"[16] and eventually made its way into the hands of Viren.

Sunforged Equipment

Sunforged equipment is an umbrella term for rare, magical weapons and armor forged by Sunfire Elves with the utilization of the Sunforge in Lux Aurea. They are enchanted with sun magic, giving them unique properties that make them very valuable. They are kept in sheaths that are inscribed with runes to protect the wielders from the weapon's extreme heat.[17]

True-sight Serums

True-sight serums are potions that, once applied to the user's eyes, can strip away all illusions and see things for what they really are. Applying the serum is immensely painful and appears to be hot to the touch, whilst emitting a dark purple smoke for a brief moment after making contact with the user's eyes. However, it is unable to break the enchantment applied to the magic mirror.[18]

Viren's Coins

Viren's coins are a unique container stashed away inside a coin pouch, which he carries with him at all times. His coins contain the souls of Moonshadow Elves, including Runaan. Imprisoning a soul is achieved by using a dark magic spell, which slowly drains a person. Once a soul is inside a coin, its life force is stuck in between life and death and can no longer be fully detected by other magic.[12]



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