Lux Aurea was the capital of the Sunfire Elves and their crowning achievement. It was a gleaming city of gold that radiated beauty, pride, and military might,[1] before it was destroyed by monstrosities spawned by the corrupted Sunforge. It currently lies in ruins.[2]


Lux Aurea was built inside Xadia at an unknown point of history and eventually became the stronghold of the Sunfire Elves. It was ruled by Queen Aditi during the reign of Avizandum,[3] and was later ruled by her eldest granddaughter Queen Khessa. While her sister was ruling, Janai was named the "Golden Knight of Lux Aurea" while fighting for her city at the Breach.

The city came under attack when Viren infiltrated Lux Aurea under the false pretense of sharing information about Queen Aditi's demise. By allowing Aaravos's caterpillar to enter the city's palace, he enabled Aaravos to corrupt the staff of the Sunfire High Priest, as well as the Sunforge. During this event, Queen Khessa was murdered by Aaravos.[4] The city was since then abandoned, due to the corrupted Sunforge radiating monstrosities, which were going rampant in the city and left it in ruins.[2]


Lux Aurea is located near the Midnight Desert, in the North-East of The Border and west from the Storm Spire. It is built on flat lands, which are surrounded by tall mountains and hills, as well as vast meadows, not far from the Frozen Sea.[4][5]


The Sunfire Elves revere the Archdragon Sol Regem and had designed much of Lux Aurea's architecture to resemble his horns.[6] Most of the city's roof tops are made of gold, while their house walls include shades of white, cream, blue, gray, and black. Green bushes, patches of grass, and even trees decorate the city streets.

Culture and Customs


Lux Aurea's form of government is a hereditary monarchy, in which both male and female members may assume the throne.[7] Female monarchs are known as "Sunfire Queens". Khessa was addressed as "Your Radiance", rather than the ordinary "Your Highness", though it is unclear if all monarchs were addressed in such a fashion.[4][8] The last ruler was Queen Khessa, while her younger sister Janai is stated to be the heir to the throne.[5] It is currently unknown if a ruler is present, due to the city lying in ruins.[2]


The clothing of Lux Aurea's Sunfire Elf residents are gold, red, brown, black, and white in color. Soldiers and nobilities tend to wear golden headpieces over their horns.


The Sunfire Elves revere the Archdragon Sol Regem. To purify any corruption afflicted to someone by dark magic, they rely on exposing a person to the Sunforge, where its magic cleanses all evil from their body. The cleansing is able to reduce a person to nothing, however, if the corruption has progressed too far.[4][8]


Lux Aurea has a large and powerful military force that include both male and female Sunfire Elves. The soldiers are garbed in red, black, brown, and golden armor with golden headpieces in front of their horns.

Sunforged Equipment

Sunforged equipment are rare pieces of weapon and armor created by the Sunfire Elves with the help of the Sunforge, which remain as hot as when they were forged for hundreds of years. The sheath they are kept in is inscribed with runes to protect the wielder from the extreme heat. It is said that Sunforged blades can cut through anything, even solid steel.[9] However, they are unable to cut through objects that have been imbued with magic.[10] Sunforged equipment is primary used by Lux Aurea's military.


Lux Aurea served "flambéed fire cake", a stack of chocolate and marshmallows prepared by a mage, which arrived literally on fire and was considered a specialty.[11]

Notable Locations



The Sunforge is the nexus of the Sun Primal[12] and is the main power source of the Sunfire Elves. The large tower was originally fueled by a field of mirrors that concentrated the sun's primal energy into its central orb and its disc rotated to aim the reflected beam onto the forge below.[6] It was capable of infusing weapons with ever-searing heat.[1] On certain days, the forge was powerful enough to create a Sunforged blade, a weapon that stays as hot as the moment it was created for hundreds of years.[13] It was eventually corrupted by Aaravos,[4] causing it to spawn monstrosities.[2] Before its corruption, its core strongly resembled the sun. After its corruption, it turned pitch black, with red steams surrounding it.

The Palace

The palace was located beyond the Sunforge, and it was where Queen Khessa held court.[1]


Lux Aurea's prison kept the worst of its wrongdoers in blisteringly uncomfortable rings of fire, as punishment for their crimes.[5]


Notable Figures

  • Aditi (Former Sunfire Queen †)
  • Khessa (Former Sunfire Queen †)
  • Janai (Sunfire Princess / Sunfire Knight)
  • Unknown (Sunfire Prince)


  • The etymology of the city's name derives from the Latin "Lux", meaning "light" and "Aurea", meaning "golden". It translates to "Golden Light".


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