Lujanne is a Moonshadow Elf mage and the Guardian of the Moon Nexus located on top of the Cursed Caldera.[3] She is currently in a relationship with Allen.[1]


Lujanne is a Moonshadow Elf with long white hair, dark skin, and teal eyes. She wears white and turquoise clothing with a turquoise cape and a brown leather belt.


Lujanne is kind and compassionate towards those who are brave enough to hike up the Cursed Caldera. She is also honest about her true identity and will not hesitate in revealing the secrets of her illusions.

During her time as the sole Guardian of the Moon Nexus, Lujanne developed an eccentric sense of humor that would help her in reaching out to others. She is also very wise and offers helpful advice to those who feel lost in what they are doing.

As Guardian of the Moon Nexus, it falls to Lujanne to scare away trespassers with terrifying illusions. A wise and powerful Moonshadow Elf mage, Lujanne is wholly dedicated to her sacred duty, but protecting the Nexus is lonely work — in her years of solitude, Lujanne has developed some eccentric wisdom and a kooky sense of humor..

—Official Description[4]

Skills and Abilities

Moon Primal Connection

As a Moonshadow Elf, Lujanne draws power from the Moon and is her strongest at night, especially on the night of a full moon.

Moon Magic Mastery

Lujanne has proven her skills as a master of moon magic over years of practice and can cast a variety of unique spells:

  • Illusions: Lujanne can create illusions of deadly monsters to frighten those who dare travel up the Cursed Caldera to protect the Moon Nexus. While the illusions may be realistic in looks, some may fail to represent real-life behavior, as her illusion of a giant spider failed to replicate proper spider noises, causing Ezran to notice the difference. Her known illusions include a giant spider, a giant leech, as well as an unknown elephant-sized creature that resembles a cross between a lion and a rodent.
  • "Historia Viventem": This spell allows a mage to create a realistic illusion of an event(s) in history. Cast by Lujanne, this spell showed Callum the ancient moon magic rituals of Moonshadow Elves thousands of years ago, when Xadia was one land.
  • Disguise: Lujanne can change her appearance by casting an illusion spell onto herself, previously shown to disguise her as a human.[5]


  • Lujanne's name shares a similarity with the Arabic name "Lujayn", meaning "silver".[6]
  • For her birthday, Lujanne conjures up so many illusion guests that she sometimes runs out of illusion food before the party's over. Among the guests are the illusion spider, the dancing illusion moon druids, and a host of other mind melters. The giant leech, however, is not allowed to attend due to an unfortunate… incident several years ago. Lujanne will not discuss this incident (the leech knows what it did). Almost all of her ex-husbands have a standing invitation to attend her birthday parties, though none has ever accepted.
  • Her favorite dessert is sticky toffee illusion pudding.[7]
  • Credit images of "A Secret and a Spark" and "Smoke and Mirrors" reveal that Lujanne challenges her illusions to chess matches and arm wrestling contests in her free time.[8][9]
  • Lujanne likes having fun with humans who get too close to the Nexus by melting their minds with illusions, claiming that "they would completely freak your bean". She dislikes living alone on a mountain for decades, as it gets lonely, despite having Phoe-Phoe by her side.[10]


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