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Khessa was the imperious ruler of Lux Aurea and all Sunfire Elves, as well as the older sister of Janai and Karim. Presiding over her subjects from a golden throne, she had no patience for dissent, deception, or the meaningless lives of humans.[5] She was killed by Aaravos during Viren's attack on her home city.[2]


Khessa was slim and imposing, with dark brown skin, yellow eyes, and ash-blonde hair that faded into darker orange tips. She wore a large golden crown upon her head, robes colored white and gold, as well as a short golden cape. Khessa also carried a small golden scepter in hand, called the "Scepter of Radiance".[6]


Arrogant and aloof, Khessa possessed little patience and less inclination to entertain the suggestions of others. She appeared to consider herself superior to her fellow Sunfire Elves, and regarded humans with open scorn, taking some noticeable pleasure in deciding their fates at her whim. Just before killing her, Aaravos remarked to Khessa that she was similar to her grandmother, Aditi, in personality, having anticipated that her arrogance would allow Viren to be brought to the Sunforge.

According to Callum, Khessa had a fiercer temper than Janai, and while she was a fair ruler, she could be stubborn and would not always listen to her sister's advice.[6]

Skills and Abilities

Sun Primal Connection

As a Sunfire Elf, Khessa drew power from the Sun and was at her strongest when the sun is at its highest during noon.


  • Khessa's name shares a similarity with the name "Kesia", which is African for "favorite".[7]
  • Khessa liked letting the light of the sun reveal the truth, sitting in stern judgment, and dancing. She disliked cowards who hide in the shadows, as well as muggy weather.[6]
  • Khessa's favorite scent was that of yellow plumerias.[8]


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