Kazi is a Sunfire Elf, a student of language, translation, and interpretation in Lux Aurea. They translated Amaya's sign language for Janai during her interrogation.


As a Sunfire Elf, Kazi has long, pointed ears, thick horns that bend backward, and a dark complexion. They have olive green eyes and dark hair, the latter of which is short, styled into dreadlocks, and swept to the left side of their head, with the tips blending into a wine red color. They wear a pair of spectacles and round, white gold stud earrings. Their civilian outfit is colored in brown and gold tones, while their undershirt is bright gray.


Kazi is shown to knowledgeable and learned but also appears insecure in Janai's presence. Their linguistic skills were exceptional enough to be noted by the general, who asked for their help to translate for her when interrogating Amaya. Kazi also seems to shy away from profanity, only giving Janai a less insulting translation of Amaya's signing.

Skills and Abilities

Sun Primal Connection

As a Sunfire Elf, Kazi draws power from the Sun.


Kazi is capable of speaking several languages, including sign language. They were at the top of their linguistics class during studies.[3]


  • The name "Kazi" has several origins and meanings, including South Asia's variation of the Arabian qadi, meaning "respect", a Celtic variation of cassi meaning "judge"[4], and the African term for "work".[5]
  • Kazi was partly inspired by C-3PO while being designed.[6]
  • Kazi is usually too caught up in studies to remember their birthday. The first reminder is usually the arrival of a special gift box from their sometimes-too-doting parents, filled with baked treats and brand new books. Kazi has usually read the books already, but they still appreciate mom and dad's efforts! Kazi likes to keep their birthday low-key. They treat themself to a dinner out with good friends and colleagues, complete with one of Lux Aurea's greatest specialties: flambéed fire cake![1]
  • Kazi likes daydreaming, hard work, studying, as well as learning new languages, which opens up the world and getting to know new people. They dislike distractions, stress, oversleeping, and war, as they believe communication is a much more effective way of solving problems.[7]
  • Kazi is the fifth LGBT character and the first non-binary character to be introduced in the series.


Book Three - Sun



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