Katolis is the largest of the five Human Kingdoms, both in size and military might. Its signature colors are red and gold, and its banner bears the kingdom’s seal, the uneven towers of Katolis Castle. As Katolis shares its border with Xadia, the kingdom has a long history of conflict and war with the magical lands to the east.[1]


300 years ago, a human orphan became the Queen of Katolis.[2]

For almost a decade, Katolis had been under the rule of King Harrow, the orphan’s descendant. After approached by the queens of Duren, who expressed their need for aid due to a building famine in their country, King Harrow led his armies to The Border to harvest the heart of a Magma Titan. However, during their mission they were caught by the Dragon King, Avizandum, leading to a battle between the two parties. During this fight, Katolis would lose Queen Sarai, as the dragon's attacks fatally wounded her.[3]

In the end, Harrow killed Avizandum and left behind his only heir, who was encased in an egg. The mage Viren then stole the egg and placed it in a hidden chamber beneath the castle where no one could ever find it, leading all of Xadia, and even Viren's allies, to believe that it had been destroyed. In retaliation, the Dragon Queen Zubeia sent elven assassins to kill Harrow and his son Prince Ezran. However, Ezran and his half-brother Prince Callum turned one of the assassins, Rayla, over to their side when they showed her the egg and the three of them left for Xadia in the hopes of returning the egg to its mother. Despite this, the elves had succeeded in killing King Harrow, and Runaan, the leader of the assassins, sent word of their success to Zubeia before being captured.

Katolis barely had a day to mourn before Lord Viren held a funeral against the tradition of seven days of mourning and publicly announced the princes' deaths. However, before he could be crowned Lord Protector, General Amaya returned and announced that the princes were, in fact, alive, thwarting his attempt to seize power when the king's body was barely cold. Distrusting Viren's intentions, Amaya made it clear to find the princes and refused to stand in as Queen Regent, as well as having her second in command, Commander Gren, stay behind in Katolis to aid in finding the princes. However, Viren had Gren imprisoned in the castle dungeons as soon as Amaya left, and ordered his son, Soren, to assassinate the princes, believing they would make weak kings.

Viren later attempted to rally the High Council into calling a summit of the Pentarchy against the threat of Xadia as Sunfire Elf soldiers were gathering at The Border, but Opeli stated that only a monarch could call a summit and stressed that finding the princes was to remain their top priority. Thus, Viren went behind the High Council's back and used King Harrow's seal to call the summit. When he returned from the unsuccessful summit, Opeli had discovered his treachery and later had him arrested for treason.

Soon after Ezran had returned he was going through some tough struggles as king because of Viren's actions many people wanted revenge especially Prince Kasef but Ezran refused. Opeli understanding the young king's position he suggested he have regent. Aware of the upcoming war Ezran wished to set those who didn't want to fight free and was imprisoned in Viren's place but due to some loyal friends he escaped. Meanwhile Viren marched his army into Xadia. With elves, humans and dragons working together, Ezran and the others stopped Viren's army and he took the throne back.


Katolis Forest.png

Katolis is shown to be heavily forested with several mountains and a few large lakes.


Katolis is home to a diverse population of humans. Elves are rarely seen but seem to avoid humans. The monarchs of Katolis wear a simple and asymmetrical golden crown.


Katolis has the largest military in all of the five Human Kingdoms. All the soldiers within the military wear gray armor and are comprised of both men and women.

Standing Battalion

The Standing Battalion is one of Katolis's most powerful armies, serving under the leadership of General Amaya. The battalion is stationed at an important fortress at The Border and is on constant guard there.


The Crownguard is an elite group of knights that are tasked to protect the King of Katolis and his family. Its ranks took heavy losses when they tried to protect King Harrow from a group of Moonshadow Elf assassins led by Runaan. Although the elves managed to kill King Harrow, the Crownguard knights were able to slay the elves and captured Runaan.

Traditions and Laws

When a monarch of Katolis dies, the people mourn for his or her death for seven sunsets. Afterward, the crown is inherited by his or her firstborn child, regardless of gender.[4]

It is revealed that if the last monarch dies/abdicates with the absence of heirs, either because they don't have any living relatives or all their remaining kin are deemed unfit/uninterested for leadership, the Katolian government will select an unrelated individual who had been orphaned as the next monarch, if said orphan wants to be king/queen and deserves to be at the same time. The custom of picking orphans to form a new royal line stems from the fact the the first Queen of Katolis was an orphan.[5] However, it is currently unknown if this law was ever put into any use before Viren usurped the throne, as King Harrow and Prince Ezran are said to be distant descendants of Katolis's first Queen.

Notable locations

Katolis Castle

Katolis Castle is home to the royal family, where King Ezran lives and rules with the help of his High Council. Inside the castle are the throne room, a library, the royal chambers, training grounds, as well as a dungeon. The castle itself stands on a rock, surrounded by a large moat and connected to the mainland through a bridge. According to Callum, he used to get lost a lot as a kid after first moving in.[6]

Castle Chambers

The castle chambers are located inside the dungeons of Katolis castle and are used by Viren and Claudia to study and cast dark magic. To enter them, a specific combination is required to be pressed on a stone wall, following a pattern of "rock, rock, stone, rock, stone, stone, rock, stone, rock, rock", which will reveal a staircase leading into the room.[7] It is also the place where Runaan and Gren were held captive.


The bakery is located within the town and is owned by the baker Barius, who provides the castle with treats, such as his popular jelly tarts.

Banther Lodge

The Bather Lodge is a vacation lodge of the royal family of Katolis. It is located deeply inside the Katolian forest. The lodge is named after the Banther, an animal native to the forest surrounding it.

Cursed Caldera

The Cursed Caldera is a mountain peak located near a village. Villagers avoid it, due to rumors of it being haunted and infested with monstrous creatures. In reality, the monsters are merely harmless illusions cast by the Moonshadow Elf mage Lujanne, who uses them to keep humans away from the Moon Nexus, which is located near the peak.

Hidden Grotto

The hidden grotto is located near Mount Kalik and was originally shown to Claudia by her mother, Lissa.[8] It is known to be home to wisps. This grotto proves that the Human Kingdoms are not completely devoid of magic, if you know where to look.[9]

Mount Kalik

A mountain within the Katolis's borders. According to Claudia, the storm that was contained within her Sky Primal Stone came from the top of Mount Kalik.

Valley of Graves

The Valley of Graves is where the royalty of Katolis had been buried for generations, but not all of them earned their place in it.[8]


Notable figures

Royalty High Council

Standing Battalion



  • The Banther Lodge is named after a combination of the words "Bear" and "Panther", in relation to producer Justin Santistevan's childhood fear of bears and producer Aaron Ehasz's fear of panthers.[10]
  • Katolis's Valley of Graves was inspired by the Valley of Kings in Egypt, with memorials carved from the stone the canyon itself.[9]
  • Katolis is known to breed the best tracking hounds in all of the Human Kingdoms.[9]
  • The nature of Katolis was inspired by hand-painted backgrounds from several animated features.[9]



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