Kasef was the Crown Prince of Neolandia and the eldest son of King Ahling. When his father was critically injured by elven assassins resurrected by Viren, Kasef took control of the kingdom and its ferocious army with only one goal: war.[1] He was one of the many humans who Viren enhanced with dark magic[2] before he was killed by Aanya during the battle at the Storm Spire.[3]


Kasef was a young man with an athletic build, muscular limbs, a long, slim face, and a round nose. He had dark brown hair and olive eyes, and a dark complexion. He wore the traditional colors of his kingdom, white, gold, and black, as well as the kingdom's crown.

Once transformed by Viren's magic, Kasef became significantly more muscular and his skin tone changed into a coal-like color. Red streams of lava ran across his body and his eyes glowed in a red tone as well. His fingernails had grown into claws.[2]


Kasef was a hot-headed and determined young man, driven by resentment and selflessness, as he quickly chose war after his father was injured by false assassins sent by Viren. His behavior proved arrogant when refusing to cooperate with Ezran, despite the promise of peace.[4] He was willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goals, from threatening Katolis if Ezran did not side with the other kingdoms against Xadia, to becoming magically enhanced to a near-mindless monster to exact revenge. Once enchanted, Kasef grew into a reckless force, fueled by rage and a desire to attack whoever would stand against him. He was apparently not well-read, not knowing very many big words.[5] He was scheming and met Viren in secret when he was imprisoned.[6]

Skills and Abilities


After he was enchanted with dark magic by Viren, Kasef gained brutal strength, rapid speed, and durability, as well as immunity against fire. Flames would strengthen his powers even further.[3]


Kasef's weapon of choice was a double-ended spear.[7]


  • According to Ahling, Kasef was a picky eater, with a dislike for vegetables, especially broccoli.[5]
  • Kasef's early designs featured a scar stretching across his left eye.[7]
  • Kasef's design was formed from an earlier design of his father.[7]


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