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Karim is a Sunfire Elf prince of Lux Aurea.[3] He is the younger brother of Khessa and Janai, and the grandson of Aditi.[2]


Karim is a lanky Sunfire Elf with dark skin and dark orange eyes. His short, maroon hair is pulled back behind a golden diadem-like headpiece, and both sides of it have been shaved. His beard, which is darker in color, flows into said shaved parts of his hair. As part of tradition in the culture of Sunfire Elves,[4] his brown, backward-bending horns are adorned with golden rings. From his long ears hangs a pair of golden earrings, consistent with the golden accessories found around his collar, on his shoulders, his belt plate, and on the trim of his shoes. His clothing of choice consists of a dark-mustard colored tunic that reminds of a piece of armor, with a black chest area and a red streak stitched into its backside. Over this tunic he wears a black belt with a golden buckle. Additionally, Karim's arms are partially protected by black leather pieces, as well as a red glove over his red hand that is protected by a sharp piece of gold. Unlike the rest of his armor, his pants come in a simple dark gray, while his high boots are black.

Karim is often seen wearing an elegant shoulder cape colored in a combination of black and red which is adorned with additional gold plating resting on his shoulders. The cape sports a golden crest with a red center piece on its backside.


Not much is known about Karim yet. He appears to be a gentle individual who is not shy of expressing his gratitude to strangers.[4]

Karim deeply loves both of his older sisters. Weeks after Khessa was killed by Aaravos, Karim was able to cheer Janai up by dancing and remembering the good times they had with their sister. He also supports Janai in becoming the new Sunfire Queen, although he is somewhat pushy about her fulfilling her new duties.[2]

Skills and Abilities

Sun Primal Connection

As a Sunfire Elf, Karim draws power from the Sun and is at his strongest when the sun is at its highest during noon. He can spark flames from his fingertips.[2]


  • The name Karim translates to "generous" or "noble" in Arabic and Persian.[5]
  • Karim's voice actor, Luc Roderique, also voiced Harrow.