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Ibis is a powerful Skywing Elf mage. He has long been a liaison between elves and dragons, and his visits to the Storm Spire have grown more frequent since the death of Avizandum.[2]


Ibis has short, light periwinkle blue hair in an undercut style. There are various markings along his face, and runic style ones on his arms that will glow when performing spells. He has two curved horns on both sides of his head, and their coloration fading from dark to light.

So far, Ibis is only shown wearing some type of elven armor, with a jutting neckpiece and a long skirt. Underneath his outerwear, he has baggy pants accompanied by metal boots.

He usually carries a staff, decorated with a Sky Primal Stone in the middle, circled by metal plates resembling wings of a bird.[3]


Ibis is one of the few elves that see the good in humans. He is not insulted by Callum commenting on him not having wings and admits that few Skywing Elves are born with wings. Ibis seems to care greatly for the Dragon Queen Zubeia as he is overseeing her emotional and physical well-being and saying that she is emotionally gone. Ibis did laugh at Callum asking to teach him sky magic but became intrigued by seeing his connection to the Sky Arcanum and saying it is unheard of. He also fears for the safety of Azymondias and orders Callum to take him as far away from the Storm Spire as possible, knowing that if he falls into enemy hands, all hope is lost.

Regardless, Ibis came back to offer his aid, showing he is loyal and courageous and that he knows where he stands despite the odds.

Skills and Abilities

Sky Primal Connection

As a Skywing Elf, Ibis draws power from the Sky.

Sky Magic Mastery

  • "Manus. Pluma. Volantus.": Upon speaking an incantation, the runes on Ibis's arms transform them into wings, which enables him to fly.
    • Key art for Season 3 also suggests that Ibis can turn only one of his arms into a wing so he can arm the other one with his staff for battle. The extent to which he can do so has yet to be revealed.


  • The name "Ibis" is of Latin origin and means "Long-legged Bird", which also applies to a type of real-life long-legged wading bird that inhabits wetlands, forests, and plains, and are distinguished by their long, curving beaks that they use to probe mud for food.[4]
  • Ibis was originally imagined to be a wise, old man, who was possible centuries old, similar to Gandalf from "The Lord of The Rings". However, his final design resulted in a younger look, which caused the crew to pick a younger voice actor.[5]


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