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Gren is Amaya's most trusted lieutenant in the Standing Battalion and her sign language interpreter.[3]


Gren is a man with a young face and an average figure. His ginger hair is brushed to the right side of his face and reaches to his ears while his neck area is kept short. He has blue eyes and fair skin, which is littered with freckles across his cheeks and nose area. He is usually seen in full armor provided by the Standing Battalion, which consists of several shades of silver metal, blue and back tones. This armor covers his entire body, except for his head and hands.

During his imprisonment by Viren, Gren started to sport a stubble due to his inability to shave.


Earnest, loyal, and trusting almost to a fault, Commander Gren serves as General Amaya's lieutenant and Sign Language interpreter. Despite his status as a member of the Katolis army, Gren does not wield a weapon: he considers himself more of a diplomat than a fighter. Peaceful and soft-hearted, Gren is happiest at General Amaya's side, both her voice and closest friend.

—Official Description [4]

Skills and Abilities


Gren is very skilled in interpreting sign language and spends most of his spoken lines talking in Amaya's place.


Book One - Moon

Book Two - Sky

Book Three - Sun

Book Four - Earth



  • The name "Gren" is of Swedish origin and derives from the Old Norse word "Græinn", which means "Branch of a tree".[5]
  • Very early on in Season 1's writing, the writers were going to have both Gren and Opeli locked up in Viren's dungeon, and they were going to chat. Opeli was going to hate him quite a bit at first, but they would eventually become great friends. The idea was scrapped when Opeli became a major character and the writers liked her better as a lawful foil to Viren.[6]
  • Gren likes strawberry shortcake, Amaya, Corvus, peace and quiet, and noodle dishes. He dislikes loud noises, mustard, "can't do" attitudes, and frowns that have not yet been turned upside down.[7]
  • Gren's tendency to tone down Amaya's vulgarity when translating has caused the fanbase to coin the term "Grensored."
  • Gren was originally intended to be a comedic relief in comparison to the serious Amaya.[8]
  • An early design idea of Gren later became a base for the design of Marcos.[8]