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Fen is a lieutenant of the Standing Battalion serving under Amaya.


Fen is a middle-aged man with light skin and soft wrinkles on his face. His hair, which is brushed back on top of his head and elsewhere kept relatively short, is colored in a dark gray with lighter tips on longer parts. He has a thick full beard matching his hair color, brown eyes, as well as prominent eyebrows. The Standing Battalion provided his attire, which comes in their common blue color.


Not much is known about Fen, but he appears to be of rather calm and loyal nature.


Book Two - Sky

Voyage of the Ruthless

Lieutenant Fen is seen watching The Border with Amaya, where he reassures her that their outpost in Xadia is secure. However, when she does not trust the signal sent from the outpost, he readies a party to investigate.

When Amaya's patrol enters the outpost to confirm whether the sent signal was genuine or not, Fen grows suspicious of the timing of the delayed signal. Due to a soldier forcibly reassuring him nothing is amiss, he falls into Janai's ambush together with his comrades. He fights bravely and manages to escape with the rest on horseback.

Book Three - Sun

Sol Regem

Back at The Border, Lieutenant Fen suggests to Amaya to gather their battalion and to abandon the fortress, as he fears an inevitable attack of the Sunfire Elves, which they could not withstand due to the lack of numbers in available men. He later interrupts Gren and Amaya as he wishes to learn where their requested reinforcements are, as he had sent many requests to Katolis to receive aid that never arrived. Once inside the Breach, he assists the group in preparing the barrels for detonation.


  • Fen's name origin is a popular community joke. Starting off as "Fake Gren" in the notes of the writing team, due to being the person who interacted with Amaya while Gren resided inside a dungeon, his name eventually turned into "Fen" and remained that way until made official.[1]


Book Two - Sky

Book Three - Sun