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Fareeda was the queen of Evenere, a nation located off the western coast of Katolis. While Evenere itself is mostly swampland plagued by dreary weather, Fareeda herself was warm and pleasant.[2] She was killed by Moonshadow Elf Assassins after they were resurrected by Viren as part of a plan to goad the Human Kingdoms into waging war against Xadia.[3]


Fareeda was a woman with red hair tied back in a bun and bangs falling towards the right side of her face, green eyes, and a fair complexion. She wore a taupe, form-fitting bodycon on her dress with matching detached sleeves and boots, along with magenta leggings. Additionally, she wore a pair of gold shin guards, vambraces, a belt, and a collar with attached spaulders.


Fareeda was said to be a cheery and bright person.[4] While she was known for her affability, she was also very cautious.[5]


Book Two - Sky

Breaking the Seal

After being requested by Viren, Queen Fareeda joins the meeting of all human monarchs to discuss how to proceed against Xadia after Harrow's death. She watches the mage's illusions display the potential terrors of the enemy and confirms her agreement for an alliance if all kingdoms were to agree in unity.

Heart of a Titan

Fareeda listens to Viren and Aanya as they voice their points for and against an alliance. Her silence can be interpreted as agreement with Aanya, as she does not protest against the girl's decision to refuse the alliance.

Book Three - Sun

The Crown

King Ezran is informed that Queen Fareeda has been the victim of an assassination, acted out by resurrected elven assassins sent by Viren, successfully fooling her people into believing Xadia to be responsible for her death.


  • The name "Fareeda" is of Arabic origin and means "unique".[6]
  • Fareeda was briefly stated to have survived the attacks in an interview for season three. This statement was later corrected to be referring to Queen Aanya,[7] though it is unclear if this was truly their original intention, as Queen Aanya had already been known to be alive at the time of the interview.


Book Two - Sky