Ezran is the king of Katolis, son of King Harrow and Queen Sarai, as well as the half-brother of Callum. Along with Callum and Rayla, he hopes to return the Dragon Prince, Azymondias, to his mother, the Dragon Queen, to establish peace between the humans and the inhabitants of Xadia.[2]


Ezran has a dark brown afro and light blue eyes. He has light brown skin with freckles around his nose and on his cheeks. He wears a red shirt adorned with gold accents, a brown belt with a gold buckle, dark brown trousers, and dark gray and brown boots.


Quirky and lighthearted, Ezran is an eccentric kid who has always had trouble making friends — with humans, at least. He has an amazing ability to befriend animals, and his best friend is his pet grumpy glow toad, Bait. Ezran doesn’t quite understand the weight of his crown yet, and spends his princely freedom exploring the darkest, most secret nooks and crannies of Katolis Castle.

—Official Description[3]

Ezran is a passionate peacemaker. His innocence and kind heart makes him slightly naive to the danger of the raging war around him. Ezran is described as brave and strong by Rayla, which is evident when he risks his life to save the unhatched Azymondias, diving into an icy lake to rescue the egg when Rayla accidentally drops it into the water. He then acted like a father figure to Zym when he was born and tried to teach him how to fly with little success, which Zym also saw Ezran as a parent. Because of his naive personality, he didn't suspected that Soren tried to kill him in the zipline he built, but when Rayla asked Lujanne to make illusions of the princes and Zym, that proved them that Claudia and Soren would betray them, and that made Ezran more aware of the danger. Ezran got deeply hurt when he realized Harrow was dead and nobody told him, then he found Claudia again and they were able to make amends even with what she did to them. Knowing Zym won't be safe until he gets to Xadia, Ezran decided to go home to take his place as king and stop the war from there, even knowing Zym would be devastated of being separated from him. Their bond is so strong that Ezran developed telepathy and was able to instruct Zym to fly and block the sun so Callum and Rayla can cross the moon path

Skills and Abilities

Animal Communication

Ezran has an affinity with animals and is capable of understanding their speech,[4] which is showcased through his relationship with Bait and how he could hear Azymondias' heartbeat when he had not yet hatched, and name once he had.


  • Ezran's favorite jelly tart flavor is persimmon.[5]
  • Ezran's Dungeons & Dragons character would most likely be a ranger or druid.[6]
  • Ezran was originally supposed to go with Rayla and Callum to Xadia at the end of Season 2, but the writers decided to let him return to Katolis because they realized that Ezran would feel obligated to take on his responsibilities as King and they wanted to explore that. [7]




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