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Ellis is a human girl, who lives in a mountain town near the Cursed Caldera with her parents. Two years ago, she found an injured wolf pup, whom she named Ava, in the woods. Unwilling to let nature take its course, and against her parents' wishes, she nursed the wolf back to health. Now the two are an inseparable team.[2]


Ellis has brown braided hair, brown eyes, and copper-brown skin. She wears winter clothing that includes a jacket, boots, and a fur hat.

Ava is a large wolf with light brown fur, lighter underside, and a dark brown nose. She wears a moonstone collar that created the illusion of having a fourth leg until it was removed back by Lujanne.


Ellis is kind-hearted, caring, bubbly, and insistent. She is quickly willing to help in guiding Callum, Rayla, and Ezran up the Cursed Caldera. She is also very adventurous. For her age, Ellis is also greatly casual and optimistic, even in the direst circumstances. She insisted that Callum was special and talented, even without the Primal Stone, which enabled him to cast magic, and spoke of the horrors of the Cursed Caldera without a sign of worry.

Ava is shown to be loyal and warm-hearted, as she never leaves Ellis's side, even as they are walking through the Cursed Caldera. She is always ready to have fun, but she would protect her friends fiercely if the situation convinces her to do so.



  • Ellis's ethnicity is based on Himalayan/Tibetan.[3]
  • Ellis's family has never been wealthy, but they don't pinch coins when it comes to birthdays. Ellis used to look forward to a big feast with her family, especially the winterberry pie she received. Though, since Ellis is growing up a bit, she's getting old enough to know that she doesn't want her family to struggle on her behalf, agreeing on a smaller meal, as well as the pie, and is also allowed to help out in the animal doctor's shop.[4]
  • Ellis likes Ava and hanging around with Ezran. She dislikes anyone who harms animals.[5]
  • Ava's model used the same mold as the Smoky Seekers that appeared in "Moonrise".[6]
  • Ava's fur color was inspired by a real-life husky, who was also named "Ava".[6]