The Dragonguard was a group of eight elite elven warriors sworn to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. Following the death of Avizandum and Viren's intrusion into the dragon lair located inside the Storm Spire, the group was forcefully disbanded after most members fled the scene.[1]


Dragonguard members were not volunteers but were chosen to serve the duty, which was considered a great honor.[2] The guard consisted of different races of elves, including Moonshadow Elves and Skywing Elves.



The uniforms of the Dragonguard consist of two sets of clothing: A thick gray shirt and pants, as well as a second, dark blue layer around torso, forearms, and legs, which serves as support of the armored pieces on top of it. The chest piece, which is colored in a light blue and purple hue and features two crossed bindings, bears the crest of the Dragonguard: A white dragon with folded wings that resembles a shield. A pair of cuisse protect the guards' legs up to knee height and their forearms are protected by additional bracers. All pieces of the armored equipment are adorned with silver linings and pink gems embedded into them. Additionally, the horns of members are protected by silver armor that covers half of their horns. Golden beads were wrapped around Tiadrin and Lain's torsos and wrists.


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The Dragonguard was a group of eight elite elven warriors chosen to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. Each member was chosen for their duty[2] after Avizandum and Zubeia were known to expect their first child. The members of the guard appeared to watch over the egg for the majority of its incubation time with little to no breaks in between.[3]


After King Harrow and Viren confronted Avizandum at the foot of the Storm Spire on the day his egg was supposed to hatch, and eventually slayed him through the use of dark magic,[4] the Storm Spire was infiltrated by Viren with the intention of destroying the egg. Knowing the king had been killed and the egg was exposed to the enemy, most members of the guard decided to flee the scene. Although Tiadrin and Lain attempted to convince Hendyr to take the egg with him due to his ability to fly, they were met with ridicule, seeing as he did not wish to become a target and pointless sacrifice for the unhatched egg. Tiadrin and Lain stayed behind, as they intended to honor their oath to protect the egg, and faced Viren in a battle after he had successfully broken in. The two were eventually beaten in battle as their bodies were encased by ice cast through "Aspiro Frigis", though Tiadrin managed to convince Viren to take the egg with him instead of destroying it, as it could serve as a powerful dark magic ingredient. Tiadrin and Lain vanished without a trace after Viren exposed them to an unrevealed fate,[1] leading the rest of the elves to believe that they had fled with the rest of the Dragonguard. The inhabitants of the Silvergrove ghosted Tiadrin and Lain as a result,[5] though it is unclear whether the same or a similar punishment was declared upon the other members.

During the final hours before the battle at the Storm Spire against Viren's forces, Janai titled Rayla "The Last Dragon Guard", making her the last official member of the guard, who carried out her final role of protecting Azymondias from Viren and Aaravos.[6] Whether the Dragonguard remained intact during the new age of peace[7] between the Human Kingdoms and Xadia remains unknown.


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  • Although the word "Dragonguard" is spelled as one word in official media, official subtitles separate the words for individual members, dubbing a single individual a "Dragon Guard".
  • The reveal of an early storyboard shows a cut scene in which Bait receives the title of a "Dragon Guard" alongside Rayla.[8]



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