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Welcome to the fantastical realm of The Dragon Prince Wiki, a place dedicated to the Netflix Original animated series The Dragon Prince, which aired on September 14, 2018 and currently covers a total of 3 seasons, with a total of 7 seasons confirmed to be produced. The show tells the story of two human princes, who forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. A land full of magic, named Xadia, fascinates with stunning magical creatures, magic spells, and mighty dragons. The elven civilizations of Xadia, along with all other creatures, unite under the future ruler, the Dragon Prince Azymondias, son of the former Dragon King Avizandum.

Please be aware that all our info is always kept up to represent the latest content and thus contains spoilers! Our wiki strives to become a completed encyclopedia and news outlet for The Dragon Prince and therefore looks for experienced editors. While anyone can edit, we ask you to communicate with existing users and always be polite in comments.

Latest News


Jun 09th - "Mystery of Aaravos" teaser trailer has been released
Mar 29th - Tales of Xadia has been released


Dec 20th - Updates regarding future seasons
Oct 09th - New previews were shown at New York Comic Con 2021
Mar 16th - The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged‎‎ has been announced for release in Fall 2021
Mar 13th - Bloodmoon Huntress graphic novel has been announced for release in March 2022
Feb 4th / Feb 9th - Tales of Xadia releases an early handbook look for its playtest campaign / Tales of Xadia releases its playtest campaign "Lost Oasis"


Oct 15th - Striker Entertainment becomes merchandise licensee for TDP
Oct 7th - A Youtube channel was added to the wiki
Oct 6th - Through the Moon has been released as physical copy, as well as Kindle
Aug 18th - The Art of The Dragon Prince has been released as physical copy, as well as Kindle
Jul 27th - The show wins an Emmy in the category "Children's Animated Series"
Jul 25th - The entire saga has been greenlit by Netflix and Tales of Xadia, a tabletop game, was announced

Latest Releases


Tales of Xadia is a tabletop roleplay game released on March 29, 2022. The game features several canon story lines set between Book Three and Book Four that tie directly into the events of the series, and thus are considered canon. The handbook includes additional world lore, as well as new characters.

Upcoming Releases


Book Four - Earth (Season 4) - "Mystery of Aaravos"
Jul 19th - Bloodmoon Huntress


Apr 4th - Book Three: Sun (Novel)


Did you know?

• That Sarai and Amaya are of Asian equivalent Katolian heritage?
• That the dragon that attacked Soren is called Pyrrah?
• That Prince Kasef has younger siblings?
• That Mantigrades are based on orchid mantis?

Season 4 Teaser

Latest Updates

Articles: Book Three: Sun (Novel), Patience
Info: Book Four: Earth
Images: Image quality overhaul

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