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The Crow Master is a man who is in charge of the messenger crows of Katolis and the apprentice of the Crow Lord.


The Crow Master has short black hair, styled in a comb-over updo. He has a tan complexion and blue eyes, with thick eyebrows. Multiple piercings are gauged into his ears, cartilage and earlobe alike. He wears dark brown nail polish on both hands. Normally, he is adorned with black robes with beige forearm cuffs that match the coloration of the shirt he wears underneath.

His shirt is also collared, the fabric just peeking out from the base to the low middle of his neck.


The Crow Master is shown to enjoy his job, as he is often seen playing with the crows and likes to ask for the satisfaction of those who seek his services. He can also be serious at times, as he was reluctant to send letters bearing the king's seal when Katolis did not have a king.[3] He does, however, not seem to take negative messages well, as he found it impossible to read the news of the deaths of two rulers out loud.[4]


Book Two - Sky

A Secret and a Spark

The Crow Master is approached by Viren, who mistakes him for the Crow Lord, and nervously corrects him that his master is currently not present. Although he responds that he is able to do so, upon being asked if he can send the mail, he notices the seal of the deceased King Harrow on the letters and informs him that he cannot send them after all. However, he is forced to change his mind after Viren threatens to kill him if he were to refuse further.

Voyage of the Ruthless

After a crow enters the Crow Lord's tower, the Crow Master is once again approached by Viren, who asks if a message had come for him. The Crow Master lets him know that not only one, but four messages had come for him, much to the displeasure of Viren, who is furious about not being informed earlier. However, he lets Viren know that they had searched the entire castle for him, unable to find him, then chuckles nervously when hearing that the mage was supposedly inside a bathroom, before handing him the letters. He comments supportively about Viren's success in calling in a summit, before asking him if he would rate his service as excellent.

Book Three - Sun

The Crown

The Crow Master fills in for the Crow Lord once again when Opeli summons him to deliver the king's messages to the new king, Ezran. He excuses his master's absence once again and explains who he is before he retrieves a tiny list, which he unfolds and reveals that there are 417 new messages for the king waiting to be read. While reading the most urgent messages to Ezran, he discovers a message that describes the deaths of Queen Fareeda and King Florian but finds himself unable to bring up the courage to read the message out loud, forcing Opeli to take it from him and read it in his stead.


  • On his birthday, the Crow Master is supposed to take the day off, yet he stops by the rookery over lunch to make sure all the letters are in order. He looks forward to eating a lot of chocolate cake with friends and family that evening, though.[5]
  • Jesse Inocalla has revealed in a livestream that he was the person who chose March 16th as the Crow Master's birthday, since it's his partner's birthday and they are a big fan of the character.


Book Two - Sky

Book Three - Sun