Corvus is a highly skilled tracker and veteran soldier in Katolis's Standing Battalion, and is one of Amaya's most trusted troops.[2]


Corvus is a physically fit man with dark skin and dark brown, braided hair, which is tied back in a bun. His facial features include hazel eyes, with a scar stretching across his eye socket and eyebrow, a big nose, and a three-day beard. His clothes consist of dark brown leather armor with plated shin, boot, and forearm guards as well as a mint-green scarf around his neck and black trousers. Additionally, he wears two light brown belts around his waist, with another one extending into a shoulder plate protecting his left shoulder. A slim bag is attached to his lowest belt.


At first, Corvus appears mostly silent, reserved and soft-spoken, only speaking when he questions Rayla. However, later on, he is shown as a far more concerned person, especially with the fate of the princes. He is also shown as nervous quite easily, as showcased when Ezran goes for a walk and he begins to panic immediately when he believed that Ezran was eaten by a Banther. Like Opeli, he is very loyal and supportive of Ezran. According to Callum, he has a dry sense of humor.[3]

After countless battles and secret missions, Corvus earned Amaya’s trust forever. His loyalty to Katolis is unalloyed, and his skill as a tracker unparalleled. He might be soft-spoken, but it comes in handy when he’s on the trail of Moonshadow Elf assassins.

—Official Description [2]

Skills and Abilities


Corvus is a skilled tracker, able to track Callum, Ezran, and Rayla down a river without being noticed[4] and also tracked Team Zym all the way past the Cursed Caldera, impressing Rayla up to the point where she admitted that his tracking skills were better than that of a Moonshadow Elf.


As a veteran soldier, he has also shown himself to be a very capable fighter, equipped with a weapon resembling a kaginawa. Corvus swings the hook on the end of the chain, and then launches it at opponents to capture them or disarm them.[3]


Corvus seems to be an excellent baker, as he is the only one who can create good enough oatmeal raisin cookies for Amaya's birthday.[5]


  • The name "Corvus" means "Raven" in Latin.[6]
  • Corvus likes horses, a well-tied knot, camping, winning, and scavenger hunts. He dislikes paperwork, being cooped up indoors, riddles, and chains or ropes that get tangled.[3]
  • Corvus's placeholder name in early development was "Dennis Trackerman".[7]


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Book Two - Sky

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