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Claudia is a human girl originating from Katolis. She is the daughter of Viren and Lissa, and the younger sister of Soren. She is a mage, albeit a practitioner of dark magic, under the tutelage of her father and guidance of Aaravos. She is currently in a relationship with Terry.[3]


Claudia Official

Claudia has grass green eyes, a fair skin complexion, rosy cheeks and lips, thick eyebrows, as well as a long nose. Her black hair reaches past her waist and shades off into a purple hue at its tips. Her attire consists of a black and dark gray collared suit adorned with golden accents, black trousers, a black and brown belt embellished with a purple stone, and dark gray boots. Additionally, she wears earrings and piercings on both ears, as well as a snake bracelet on her left hand. Claudia chooses to paint her fingernails in a dark purple tone.

After a successful attempt to cure Soren of a paralysis inflicted by a conflict with the Fire Dragon Pyrrah, Claudia gained a white streak in her hair.[4] Due to the heavy use of dark magic while reviving her father, after he had succumbed to fatal wounds, the white part of her hair extended to cover the left side of her head.[5] She later chose to wear her hair in a long braid.[6]

Claudia eventually lost her left leg from the knee down while battling Team Zym in the Sea of the Castout.[7]


Claudia is an excitable and bubbly young adult with a bright demeanor who is passionate about magic and reading. She likes to joke around with others, especially her brother Soren, and thinks of herself as the "weird" one of the family.[8] Fidgety and prone to expressing herself through physical means, she sometimes manages to confuse people close to her, though they appear used to her mannerisms.[9] Claudia is often perceived as absent-minded and distracted, as she is sometimes unaware of her surroundings. However, Claudia is incredibly cunning and intelligent and has a strong affinity and talent for the practice of dark magic. Her friends or allies are treated with a polite kindness, although she is shown to display a certain level of aggression and distrust for her enemies. In general, Claudia appears to have basic moral values and convictions, though those values are affected and twisted through her father's beliefs of power and control.

Claudia's passion for dark magic overshadows the controversial immorality of harvesting magical creatures as ingredients, causing her to consider them to just be components and tools for spells. Unlike Callum who values the lives of magical creatures, Claudia believes that dark magic makes humans unique and independent, despite their lack of a natural connection to the Primal Sources. Although she seems to have a weakness for cute creatures and felt sorry for capturing Azymondias, she does not hesitate to even use cute critters for her personal gain.[10] Claudia also feels jealous towards elves, as they were born with connections to primal magic, while humans were not, referring to them as "snooty".[11] Regardless of its reputation, dark magic has become a routine part of her life, even being used for making pancakes and hot brown morning potion in her free time.

Although Claudia is generally not an evil person, her naivety has shown to lead her down a path of darkness that is built on loyalty to her family, primarily her father. Years of emotional manipulation by Viren have led to Claudia's worldview being distorted to a point where she is easily manipulated and eager to justify wrong actions, going so far as to lie to herself and attempting to convince others of her father's better nature, despite his otherwise obvious downward spiral. Her moral ground degraded so much that she seemingly no longer cares about anyone other than Viren, perceiving her friends and brother as traitors who sold out to Xadia. She genuinely appears to believe that her father's actions benefit humanity and, since she does not want to lose the only family she has left after losing both her mother and Soren, she is willing to do whatever he wishes. Although she every now and then shows hesitation to obey him, it appears her own will is usually overruled by the foolish belief that her father knows best and would never lie to her. Having further been manipulated by Aaravos, she holds a pain for the past of humanity, resenting the elves and dragons for the hundreds of years of mockery her kind had endured at their hands and refusing to help them when in need.[12] However, she still has some moral sense in her, having returned the enchanted coins containing the souls of Runaan, Tiadrin, and Lain to Rayla after being persuaded by Terry to do so.[13]

Claudia can also turn her playfulness into deadly focus when the moment arises.[14] However, this focus has proven to be her undoing, as her fixation on her goals in battle during her fight with Callum, Ezran, and Rayla in the Sea of the Castout resulted in her losing her left leg from the knee down.[7]

Just because Claudia seems like a weirdo who's so spaced out she could walk into a stationary object doesn't mean she's not paying attention. She's a naturally talented mage who has learned the intricacies of dark magic well from her proud father, Viren. Perhaps one day she will even surpass him, but until then she's happy to use her skill with the dark arts to make extra fluffy pancakes and prank her brother, Soren.

—Official Description[15]

Skills and Abilities[]

Magic Mastery and Knowledge[]

Claudia possesses a wide span of knowledge regarding the practice of magic, as she is aware of various magical artifacts, such as the Sky Primal Stone, and can quickly determine the magical ingredients necessary to cast dark magic spells. With the use of magical artifacts such as the Sky Primal Stone, or magical ingredients used for dark magic, she can achieve a variety of different effects.

Dark Magic[]

Claudia is a powerful dark mage who proves exceptionally skilled, having the potential to one day even surpass the skills of her father, Viren.[15] Her first spell was learned at the young age of 8 years when she summoned a smoky resurrection of her pet cat Biscuit.[16] She has a vast knowledge of ingredients necessary for dark magic and can even cast spells without the help of external aids, as some of the dark magic that she has performed in the past has been retained within her body, allowing minor cantrips like conjuring flames from her fingertips.

When employing dark magic, Claudia incants her spells by speaking backward. She has achieved many feats through the use of this practice:

  • Breathing Spell - "Su niatsus, efil fo htaerb" ("Breath of life, sustain us."): A spell used by Claudia together with the consumption of dead Puffer-Bats. It allows her, Viren, and Terry to breathe in high altitude.[17]
  • Dancing Flames Spell - "Semalf gnippiks gnipael." ("Leaping skipping flames."): This spell allows Claudia to conjure a small flame that leaps between multiple targets before disappearing. This spell was cast using the essence of an Emberback Spider.[15]
  • Deer Lifeblood Spell - "Nekorb eht laeh dna wolf, evila dna gnuoy eliga tserof fo doolbefil." ("Lifeblood of forest agile young and alive, flow and heal the broken."): A healing spell that required the sacrifice of a deer. This spell was cast by Claudia to heal Soren's paralysis.[18]
  • Fusing Spell - "Ecnesse ruoy esuf." ("Fuse your essence."): This spell allows Claudia to infuse wisps with the essence of a living being.
  • Grasping Spell - "Nwod meht gard, psarg gnihtirw." ("Writhing grasp, drag them down."): This spell conjures a huge, spectral octopus that will use its tentacle to seize the intended target. It uses the tentacle of an octopus.
  • Hatching Spell - "Ezoo cimsoc ruoy morf egreme dlihc silasyrhc." ("Chrysalis child emerge from your cosmic ooze."): This spell was used by Claudia to make Aaravos's messenger emerge from its chrysalis.
  • Healing Spell - "Sbmil eseht ot efil gnirb." ("Bring life to these limbs."): Claudia tries to use this spell to cure Soren of paralysis but failed. The spell requires flower petals and a tad of grasshopper goop.
  • Heating Spell - "Latem eht taeh, hcuot gninrub." ("Burning touch, heat the metal."): Claudia used this spell to heat the metal of Rayla's butterly blades after she coated them with the essence of a bird.
  • Homing Spell - "Kram ruoy dnif, tlob rekeestraeh." ("Heartseeker bolt, find your mark."): This spell ensures that a projectile never misses its target, no matter the circumstances. It uses the eye of a griffin.
  • Ice Spell - "Dloh dna erans, eci fo walc." ("Claw of ice, snare and hold."): This spell allows Claudia to control water before trapping her intended target in an ice sculpture shaped like a grasping hand. It uses a piece of a coral.[19]
  • Illuminating Spell - : This spell allows Claudia to cast a torch-like light from the palm of her hands, which can then be used to light up a dark area.
  • Octopus spell - "Ydob ym si ydob ruoy, knis I selcatnet evif htiw." ("With five tentacles I sink, your body is my body."): This spell allows Claudia to turn the lower half of her body into that of a gigantic octopus, also giving her the ability to breathe underwater. It requires drinking a potion made from the ink of a Purple Pentapus mixed with three drops of her blood.[7]
  • Plushify Spell - "Tfos emoceb gniht gnidleiynu dna dilos." ("Solid and unyielding thing become soft."): This spell allows Claudia to soften the surface of any solid objects upon coating them with the essence of Fuzz-Fur Scorpions. When Claudia attempted to use the spell for the first time, the measurements of the Fuzz-Fur Scorpion essence were incorrect and the spell created an explosion of purple gunk.[20]
  • Rejuvenating Spell - "Enihs ruoy em dnel." ("Lend me your shine."): This spell allows Claudia to rejuvenate her appearance. It uses the essence of an unnamed Xadian snail.[21]
  • Revealing Spell - "Cigam rouy laever." ("Reveal your magic."): This spell allows Claudia to discover a magical object's true nature and potential secrets. It uses the dried tongue of a lizard that has been sprinkled with blue dust.[22]
  • Slithering Steel[23] - "Mhet dnib leets gnirehtils." ("Slithering steel bind them."): This spell allows Claudia to transform an object into snakes to bind someone. The snakes then morph into chains.
  • Smoky Resurrection Spell - "Srekees ykoms niaga esir, nellaf fo hsa." ("Ash of fallen, rise again smoky seekers."): This spell, using the ashes of deceased Xadian Wolves on a Shadowlife Candle, summon smoky afterimages of the once-alive creatures to do her bidding. The summoned creatures are impervious towards material objects or weapons.
  • Snake Morphing Spell - "Dnibnu leets gnirehtils." ("Slithering steel unbind."): This spell is capable of transforming an object, such as chains, into snakes using the essence of a white powder or a snake's belly.
  • Tracking Spell - "Fle wodahsnoom eht kees." ("Seek the Moonshadow Elf."): This spell was used by Claudia to track Rayla using a piece of her hair. It fuses the essence of the target with some wisps to locate it.[15]
  • Unlocking Spell - "Dlrow elohw eht kcolnu nac dnim revelc a." ("A clever mind can unlock the whole world."): This spell allowed Claudia to transform her bracelet into snakes that pick the locks of Kruha's collar.[20]
  • Wing Spell - "Daed hte fo sgniw." ("Wings of the dead."): This spell allows Claudia to conjure a pair of leathery, bat-like wings from her back, allowing her to fly.

Corrupted Magic Spells[]

While using the corrupted Sun staff, Claudia gains access to a dark version of Sun magic:

  • "Arma Virtutis": A spell that allows Claudia to send a corrupted purple energy beam at a target by slamming her staff into the ground.[17]
  • "Lux Revelare": A spell that allows Claudia to locate an object by making it glow brightly.[17]
  • "Noctu Igne": A spell that allows Claudia to conjure and launch an orb of fiery energy at an intended target.[5]
  • "Tenebris Praesidium": A spell that allows Claudia to create a force field of pure energy.[5]
  • "Umbra Chorum": A spell that allows Claudia to project multiple illusions of herself.[24]
  • "Velox Ignis": A spell that allows Claudia to use corrupted magic as an offensive beam.[17]

Sky Primal Stone Spells[]

While equipped with a Sky Primal Stone, Claudia was able to cast a few Sky spells:

  • "Aspiro": This spell allowed Claudia to unleash a strong breath of wind, strong enough to push people or objects backward.
  • "Fulminis": This spell allowed Claudia to generate powerful electricity and unleash devastating bolts of lightning at enemies.


Although Claudia prefers to use magic to overwhelm her enemies, she is a highly skilled combatant who can hold her own against powerful opponents such as Ibis.[17]


  • Ocarina: Claudia carries a magical ocarina that can make almost any living creature who listens to its melody to slowly fall asleep. When combined with the spell "Umbra Chorum", the ocarina possesses the power to subdue both multiple targets and immensely powerful Archdragons.[24]
  • Corrupted Sun Staff: Claudia carries a Sun staff equipped with a corrupted Sun Primal Stone, which was previously owned by Pharos and Queen Aditi of Lux Aurea. After being corrupted by Aaravos and used by Viren,[10] it was given to Claudia to use as a replacement for her Sky Primal Stone, allowing her to cast corrupted Sun magic.[5] Two years after the battle at the Storm Spire, she has decorated the staff with the skull of a small animal and some feathers similarly to the relic staff the dark mage Ziard once used.[25]


  • The name "Claudia" derives from the Latin root "claudus" or "Claudĭus", meaning "lame, crippled, disabled".[26] This could be seen as reflecting the changes in her appearance due to physical corruption from her extreme use of dark magic to heal her brother and resurrect her father.
  • The book Claudia is shown reading in "Echoes of Thunder", Love Amongst the Dragons, is a reference to the fictional play of the same name featured in Avatar: The Last Airbender, a television show Aaron Ehasz worked on previously as a head writer and co-executive. This reference was deliberately put in as a nod to fans of Avatar.[27]
  • Claudia uses dark magic to make extra fluffy pancakes[15] and even invented the "hot brown morning potion", the equivalent of coffee.[28]
  • In early concepts, Claudia and Soren were the same character, but were later split into two separate ones.[29]
  • For her birthday, Claudia loves silly surprise parties. She likes them so much, that she can not stop dropping hints to Soren and her father about how much she would like to be surprised, sometimes letting them know exactly what kind of surprise she had in mind that year. She gets bigger and more ridiculous ideas every year, but she never fails to act surprised when all her dreams come true. Or at least, Viren and Soren think she is acting — it is possible she really did forget.[30]
  • Claudia likes her family, ancient ruins, cute things, and hot brown morning potions. She dislikes lukewarm brown morning potions.[11]
  • Claudia's early hand concept sketches helped explore the visual language of spell casting.[14]


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