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This page contains a list of all canon media in "The Dragon Prince" tying into the story, listed as it appears in Xadia's in-universe timeline. Below, you can find generalized synopses. For more details, please refer to the respective pages.

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The Orphan Queen

The Orphan Queen is a prequel revolving around the character of the same name. It is currently unrevealed whether the prequel will be told as a movie, series or a visual novel.[1]


Lunabloom: A Story from the Silvergrove is a side story published through the official website of The Dragon Prince. The short story revolves around the young Rayla and Runaan, who seek a lunabloom as a present for Ethari's birthday.[2]

First Saga

Book One - Moon / Book One: Moon (Novel)

Book One (Season 1) introduces the world of Xadia and its characters. The world of Xadia is rich in magic which is drawn from six Primal Sources, each representing an element of nature: the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Sky, and Ocean. Centuries ago, Xadia was one continent where humans and elves lived together in peace. However, this changed when human mages, who were unable to utilize any of the existing sources naturally, used the essence of magical creatures to empower a newfound seventh source: dark magic. As this power brought destruction, humanity was banished to the west of the continent as punishment for their actions, where they eventually formed the five Human Kingdoms.

1000 years later, King Harrow of Katolis and his advisor, the dark mage Lord Viren, yet again become the enemies of Xadia, as they have slain the King of the Dragons, Avizandum, and supposedly destroyed his only egg, the future Dragon Prince. In retaliation, Xadia sends a group of elven assassins out to assassinate both King Harrow and his son, Prince Ezran. One of these elves, Rayla, decides to act on her own after struggling to carry out her mission. During a chase through the castle, Ezran, his older half-brother Callum, and Rayla discover the unharmed egg of the Dragon Prince and decide to take on the mission of returning the egg to Xadia.

Book Two - Sky / Book Two: Sky (Novel)

Book Two (Season 2) continues where the journey has left off.

Book Three - Sun

Book Three (Season 3) concludes the journey to return the Dragon Prince to his mother.

Through the Moon

Through the Moon is the first graphic novel of The Dragon Prince, which is set after the events of "The Final Battle". Although peace has been restored, Rayla finds herself to be restless, as she has no certainty that Viren is really dead. In order to revive Phoe-Phoe, Team Zym travels to the Moon Nexus, where they find a portal to a world between life and death. Determined to find out whether her family is still alive and to confirm Viren's death, Rayla plans to reconstruct the Moonhenge with the help of Callum, against the will of Lujanne.

Tales of Xadia

Tales of Xadia is an upcoming tabletop roleplay game set to release in 2021. The story revolves around the ruins of Lux Aurea and the aftermath of the Sunforge's corruption. A newsletter is available for subscription at the official Tales of Xadia website.[3]

Second Saga

Book Four - Earth

Book Four (Season 4) introduces the second saga of the series and will be set after a time jump. The length of the time jump has not yet been revealed. No other information, including a release date, is available yet.

Book Five - ???

No information available yet.

Third Saga

Book Six - ???

No information available yet.

Book Seven - ???

No information available yet.


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