Callum's Spellbook is an in-world notebook covering the adventures experienced by Callum over the course of his journey to Xadia, as well as notes he has taken about different aspects of the world. It is available for purchase as paperback and Kindle file.

Note: All respective information can be found on each character under the "Trivia" sections, as well as on the respective world pages.
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Callum's Spellbook covers a variety of different world topics retold from Callum's point of view, as well as minor new trivia.

  • A note from Harrow on the first page, written before gifting the notebook to Callum
  • How everything started
  • Character descriptions
  • A travel route from Katolis to Xadia
  • How Ezran communicates with animals
  • The "jerkface" dance
  • Human Rayla quotes
  • The story about Zym's egg
  • The Human Kingdoms rulers and lands
  • All previously shown locations explained
  • A jelly tart recipe
  • Site of a book containing information about Aaravos
  • Creatures of Xadia
  • Dragons of Xadia
  • Magic descriptions, spells, and sketches of elven races
  • Rex Igneous biography
  • A guide to sign language
  • A scrapped love letter to Claudia
  • Work out tips by Soren


  • The title page of the book reads "The Dragon Prince: Callum's Sketchbook," with "Sketchbook" crossed out in black and relabeled as "Spellbook."



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