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Callum is the Prince of Katolis. He is the stepson of the late King Harrow, the son of the late Queen Sarai and a late unknown man, and the older half-brother of Ezran. Callum is also a mage, currently possessing a stable connection to the Sky Primal. Along with Ezran, Bait, and Rayla, he returned the Dragon Prince, Azymondias, to his mother, the Dragon Queen Zubeia, to establish peace between the humans and the inhabitants of Xadia. He is currently in a relationship with Rayla.


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Callum is a slim boy with a light complexion and rosy cheeks. His has dark brown is kept at neck-length, with a big chunk lying onto his forehead, and messy strands standing up at the top of his head. He has round, olive green eyes and thick eyebrows. His main set of clothing consists of a purple undershirt, tucked back by a black belt with a silver buckle, and is topped by a dark blue, long-sleeved jacket. He wears dark gray, baggy trousers and dark brown boots with purple accents. His accessories of choice are brown finger-less gloves and a red scarf. When he grew wings for the first time by using "Manus. Pluma. Volantus.", the transformation ripped apart his jacket, leaving him with just his sleeveless shirt and scarf.[3] Callum used to always carry a satchel containing his cherished sketchbook, although after the battle at the Storm Spire, he no longer appears to carry it.

As a child, he was wearing a dark blue shirt, held together by a brown belt and a golden buckle, decorated with the symbol of Katolis.


Callum loves to make wry jokes and has a bright sense of humor. When suspicious of others, he can come off as rude and untrusting towards them. However, when it comes to the people that he cares about, he adopts a more serious approach and is always concerned for their well-being. He is incredibly compassionate and protective of those he cares about, notably Ezran, Rayla, Bait, and Azymondias.

Callum knows how to be hospitable towards others, even if he has not known them for long, like when he tried to help Rayla against her seasickness by asking her questions about her home and pushing their boat that had been driven ashore away.

According to King Harrow, Callum has a lot of youthful optimism and hope as he tried to convince his stepdad to make peace with the elves, understanding that both sides wanted to survive. He also does not like it when those he cares about are stuck in the past, finding it better to make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

Callum is also quite sensitive and respectful to others most of the time. He fell in love with Rayla because he admired her courage, and seeing her heroics actions caused him to do the same by saving her in times of need.[3] When he told Rayla what made her strong and admirable, she kissed him, but he withdrew out of refusal to take advantage of her emotional vulnerability, despite reciprocating her feelings.

Callum is loyal to his friends. At the Moon Nexus, he did not want to believe Rayla when she said that Claudia and Soren were planning to spring a trap until she, with the help of an illusion, provided proof of her claim. When Soren reached the Storm Spire after leaving his father and sister behind, Callum did not hesitate to trust him again. Once Viren and Rayla fell off Storm Spire, he jumped after them and conjured mage wings to save her.

Like Rayla and his mother Sarai, he too values the life of other creatures, believing that he along with Ezran has their mother's big heart and with his strong desire to learn primal magic. Callum at first wanted to practice dark magic for how powerful and useful it seemed to be, but after being told by Claudia that it works by killing and using parts of magic creatures, he became suspicious of it, finding it too easy, and after realizing the death toll that can cause, how unpractical it can be in the long run, and how dangerous it is for the user, he decided it is unethical because killing innocents on purpose is not worth it for any cause. However, he has used it as a last resort, such as when he helped Rayla free the captured Fire Dragon Pyrrah.

Callum is also very moral, refusing the temptations of dark magic when confronted with the choice within his dreams while suffering illness due to the corrupting effects of such magic. His stance against using it allowed him to open both his mind and body to the Sky Arcanum, displaying an iron will. Despite not being born a royal, Callum has the heart of one, putting the desires of others first before his own such as giving up his magical abilities to save Zym and keep everyone's hope alive. Unlike Viren, Callum was able to let go of his revenge and hate as well as his prejudice towards elves after spending a short time with and getting to know Rayla. He is annoyed when she pretends to be human, but ironically, he has the same sense of humor as her. Upon entering Xadia, Callum pretended to be an elf and made humorous remarks about the behavior of elves.

Until Callum discovered his affinity with magic he had little confidence in himself and felt that there was no princely field he was good at, including combat, politics, and etiquette. When he temporarily lost the ability to cast magic he felt adrift to a point of despair, as it defines him in a way that nothing else quite had. However, in his journey to understand the Sky Arcanum he concluded that, magic or not, he would get to be the one to decide who he becomes. After this realization, and when he woke up from his dark magic induced coma, he was substantially more confident and assertive than before. Through learning magic, he learned perseverance and patience. He also found out the hard way to never cast a spell you do not know how to finish[4] and gained a new perspective for understanding primal magic.

As the stepson of King Harrow, Callum is the "step-prince" of Katolis. He's an awkward fit for the role of a prince: Callum can hardly hold up a sword, he falls off every horse he tries to ride, and he isn't quite sure how to act around his stepfather. Nonetheless, Callum has a big heart and tries his hardest at everything, no matter how many times he falls down – he knows that one day, he'll find his place in the world.

—Official Description[5]

Skills and Abilities

Primal Magic

Callum is a mage, having first discovered his ability to wield magic through Claudia's Sky Primal Stone. Although he initially lost the ability to perform magic after destroying the Primal Stone, he later formed a connection to the Sky Arcanum[6], allowing him to perform sky magic without it. This makes him the first human in recorded history to use Primal magic without the use of a conduit. Despite not having formed a connection with the Moon Arcanum, he is able to cast certain spells by using Moon Opals.

Sky Magic

After Callum connected to the Sky Arcanum, he gained the ability to draw power from the Sky. This magic is at its strongest during a storm or near the Storm Spire, the nexus of the Sky.

  • "Aspiro": A spell that allows a mage to unleash a strong breath of wind in front of them, pushing people or objects backward. Aspiro requires some physical exertion, as the mage needs to generate wind with air from his/her lungs to use the spell. Callum has, on occasion, had to expend all air from his lungs to use the spell, having to catch his breath afterward. With his arm movements, Callum can change the direction of his wind breath, which he used to trap Sol Regem in a stone arch.[7]
  • "Fulminis": A spell that allows a mage to generate powerful electricity and unleash devastating bolts of lightning at enemies.
  • "Ventus Spiralis": A spell taught to Callum by Pyrrah via Ezran. It allows Callum and those near him to breathe in areas of low oxygen.
  • "Manus. Pluma. Volantus.": By drawing three runes on each arm, Ibis and "a rare few" Skywing Elves can turn their arms into mage wings, which enables them to fly. Callum's initial attempts at conjuring these wings proved fruitless, however, when he needed to save Rayla from falling off the Storm Spire and confessed his love for her, he was able to successfully finish the spell. With this ability, Callum was able to vault himself into a steep dive and quickly catch up to Rayla to grab her in free-fall, then lift her back up to the safety of the pinnacle.

Moon Magic

  • "Historia Viventem": A moon spell taught to Callum by Lujanne which can show the history of the location in which the spell was cast upon. Through this spell, Callum found out what had happened to Tiadrin and Lain when Viren took the Dragon Prince's egg.[8]
  • "Mors Aperta": By performing a dance and casting the Ancient Draconic incantation, Callum was able to temporarily reconstruct the Moonhenge and activate a portal to a world between life and death, located in the lake at the center of the Moon Nexus.[9]

Dark Magic

  • Snake Morphing Spell - "Dnibnu leets gnirehtils." ("Slithering steel unbind."): This spell is capable of transforming an object, such as chains, into snakes using the essence of a white powder, a snake's belly, or an embalmed snake's rattle.[10][11] Although Callum was not comfortable using this spell, he cast it to help Rayla and the downed Pyrrah. As implied by Claudia, his inexperience with dark magic took a great deal of effort, draining his energy and causing him to pass out, giving him terrifying hallucinations and nightmares in the process.


Callum is a skilled sketcher and painter, as can be seen with several sketches that he has illustrated and displayed in his room in the Katolis Castle, as well as drawings that he has done in his sketchbook. Callum initially was not good at drawing either, but he improved with a few years of practice.[12] He is also a skilled tattoo artist, able to successfully apply the henna tattoos required to cast "Manus. Pluma. Volantus." which Ibis wore on his own arms.

Photographic Memory

Callum possesses a photographic memory, allowing him to perfectly capture every detail of whatever he is drawing, as well as cast spells by perfectly replicating runes even if he has only seen them once. After Callum cast "Historia Viventem" in Zubeia's lair, he drew the exact appearances of Rayla's parents before telling her the truth about their fate.


He also knows at least a small bit of sign language, taught to him by his aunt Amaya and his mother, to communicate efficiently with Amaya during situations where lip-reading is not optimal.

Physical Strength

While Callum can barely hold a sword, he is shown to be exceptionally strong, able to hold up Rayla, Ezran, and Zym with barely any effort when they all fell off a cliff when Phoe-Phoe made a rough landing. Later, he scaled hundreds of feet up the trunk of a giant tree, without any actual physical exhaustion, and climbed up the leg of a tall Ambler while it was moving. He also has great stamina, keeping up with and even outpacing Rayla on the climb up the Storm Spire. It can be assumed that his time journeying and adventuring has caused him to develop and increase his physical strength and vitality.


Although Callum claims to be bad in military strategies, he has proven to be quick-witted and cunning, as well as being able to improvise on several occasions. This includes pretending to be Rayla's hostage, so Amaya's soldiers would not execute her, breaking the Sky Primal Stone to create a storm for Zym to hatch, constructing a plan for fighting the giant leech in the Cursed Caldera, setting the formation of the Xadian army against Viren, and more.

Minor Skills and Abilities

  • Adaptability - In the myriad of situations Callum finds himself in, he is quick to change and adjust to new surroundings and new abilities. When Sol Regem was about to attack a trapped Rayla, he quickly figured out how to use "Aspiro" to trap the dragon, even learning on the spot how to alter the course of the wind with his arms.[7] Upon using "Manus.Pluma.Volantus." for the first time, Callum masterfully commanded the skies on his new wings, being able to fly with a passenger in an improvised free-fall rescue.[3]
  • Dancing - Callum knows and willingly performs a "Jerkface Dance", which is loved by Ezran.[13] He was also able to keep up reasonably well with Rayla's Moonshadow ballet dance, performed to gain access to the Silvergrove.[14] Callum was also able to perform the Moonhenge ritual with surprising skill and grace, as remarked by Rayla.[9]
  • Meditation - Callum is skilled at quickly achieving a mindful state when meditating, calming his restless and anxious mind and focusing his attention toward completing their team's mission, instead of dwelling on things like Claudia's betrayal. This proved critical in connecting to the Sky Arcanum, as he learned meditative breathing exercises to cast "Aspiro" without the use of a Primal Stone. In this moment, he was able to achieve a flow state, feeling his entire body melt into the air around him as he felt his breath connect to the vastness of the sky.[12]


  • Key of Aaravos: Callum is in possession of the Key of Aaravos, a cube that displays a symbol of each Primal Source on each side. In the presence of primal magic, the key will detect the source of magic and emit a bright glow from the respective symbol.
  • Sky Primal Stone (formerly): Callum used to possess a Sky Primal Stone originally received from Claudia. He was able to draw upon its power to use sky magic, regardless of where he was, allowing him to harness the power of winds and thunderstorms. He decided to shatter the stone to release a storm to safely hatch Azymondias from his egg.[13]
  • Sketchbook: Callum has an affinity with and true talent for art. Given to him by his stepfather, Harrow, Callum keeps his cherished sketchbook slung over his shoulder at all times, no matter where he goes. He does not know it now, but Callum's artistic talents may be the key to finding his place in the world.[15] He later abandoned it at the top of the Storm Spire in order to dive and save Rayla from falling. It is unclear whether he retreived it at a later point.


  • The name "Callum" derives from Gaelic that translates to "Dove King".[16] It also derives from "Caelum", which is Latin for "Heaven" and "Sky".
  • Callum is named after one of the writer's (lain) brothers.[2]
  • Callum shares his voice actor, Jack De Sena, with Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Callum is bi-racial since his mother Sarai was of Asian equivalent heritage, different from his father (race yet unknown).[17]
  • Callum has a photographic memory, allowing him to perfectly replicate runes amongst other things after seeing them once.[18]
  • Callum is ambidextrous, as he can use both of his hands equally well.
  • Callum likes dusty old books, the rain, and made-up words such as "breakfunch". He dislikes posing too long for official portraits and finding jelly tart crumbs in his bed.[12]
  • Callum's scarf combines design motifs from his mother's armor and the uneven towers of Katolis.[19]
  • Callum's ceremonial armor had to be toned down from original concepts, seeing as they derived too heavily from a clunky and awkward look.[19]
  • The feather growth of Callum's transformation for "Manus. Pluma. Volantus." was inspired by the movie "Black Swan", however, was given a more magical effect rather than a creepy one.[19]
  • The creators designed Callum's sketchbook to have a strap to make it easily accessible.[19]
  • Callum was said to likely become the first human Archmage in the future of the show.[20]

His Birthday

  • Callum has one special birthday tradition that he always makes sure to find the time for: he draws the same picture of his family every year. It’s fun to flip back to his older drawings to see how much better his art has become over time. The first childish scribbles in the book, a barely recognizable Harrow, Sarai, and Ezran, always make him smile. His first drawing of Bait, too, is pretty much just a circle with angry eyes. He considers it among his best work. With each passing year, Callum’s drawings of his family are more detailed and realistic, and his memories of those he has lost are as strong and clear as ever.[21]