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Breathtaking is the thirtieth episode of The Dragon Prince. It is the third chapter of the fourth book, "Earth".

An unexpected visitor leaves Callum reeling. Soren puts on a show to welcome the dragons - while in Xadia, his sister searches their lair.


Unsure what to make of Rayla's sudden return, Callum grows dismissive of her approaches of starting a conversation and declares that he will go to bed, as he awaits an important event in the morning. He reluctantly agrees to stay up longer to talk after being pleaded with, though grows upset when Rayla explains that she has not actually found Viren after all, despite him being the reason for her absence of two years.[1] When Stella screeches at his outlash, Rayla introduces her as her orphaned Cuddlemonkey. Though when attempting to address the fact that she had left,[1] she is once again dismissed, though she is allowed to stay with Callum without talking.

At dawn, Terry and Claudia enjoy the view on top of the Storm Spire as they prepare for Claudia to enter enemy territory. When discussing what signal to use in case of danger, they decide on a whistle, and almost share a kiss when imitating how to move their lips correctly to sound said whistle.

As morning arrives, Rayla voices her regret to have revenge get in the way of her relationship with Callum, and affectionately strokes Callum's cheek before leaving with Stella.

Outside, Ezran and the High Council have gathered with the pupils of Katolis to await the arrival of Queen Zubeia and Prince Azymondias. After Ezran explains to Barius what he has planned for the opening ceremony of their visit, he is taken to the side by Opeli, who delivers concerns of the people that holding the peace meeting in the Valley of Graves may be disrespectful, due to the many lives that had been lost by the actions of dragons in the past. Encouraging a new start and peace, Ezran insists to go through with the plans regardless. In this moment, Zubeia, Pyrrah, and Azymondias descent onto the forest clearing. When Zubeia lands, lightning crackles through the crowd, and her arrival causes skepticism, fear, and resentment in the attending humans. When Ezran welcomes the Dragon Queen, he is tackled over by his friend Azymondias, who could not hold back any longer. Ezran continues to explain that Callum was supposed to create fireworks with his magic, though seems nowhere to be seen. In his place, Soren acts out his stand up comedy routine, and manages to make Zubeia laugh after a few tries.

Realizing that he has slept in, Callum rushes to collect the orbs needed for the ceremony and uses his wings to fly over to the forest clearing to join the others. Immediately, he executes his role and casts "Eritque Arcus Ignis" to make his crystal color orbs erupt in a colorful firework, right after Barius had wheeled in the dragon-sized jelly tart meant for Zubeia to consume. The explosion accidentally causes the giant jelly tart to explode and for jelly to splatter onto Zubeia's snout, causing her to declare it the most delicious jelly of all of Xadia, much to everyone's joy, which also earns Barius the respect of the attending humans.

In the entrance room of the Storm Spire, Claudia finds a suspicious pedestal that she triggers by weighing herself on top of it. The pedestal triggers a stairway to appear that leads into the Arcus Vault, where many treasures and gold are stashed away. Claudia finds and stashes away a dragon scale[2] amulet, then casts "Lux Revelare" to locate the relic staff inside a chest. Just as she is about to grab it, Ibis pulls the staff to him through the cast of "Ventum Magneticus", and a violent battle ensues between the two. When he manages to fly away with the staff, Claudia drinks a serving of fang juice, which turns her lower body into that of a snake, allowing her to catch up with Ibis. Through the cast of "Aspiro Frigis", Ibis manages to freeze the tail and force Claudia to let go of him after taking a hold of him, and he quickly manages to disarm her afterward.

At the same time, the people of Katolis and the dragons of Xadia have gathered in the Valley of Graves where Ezran unveils a portrait meant to signal peace between the nations. However, the portrait is vandalized and they find Zubeia's head slashed through on the picture. Although Soren calls the culprit out to admit to their crime, Ezran instead begins to speak up, voicing that he understands the anger of the people after so many years of conflict. He brings up the own death of his father, King Harrow,[3] and how he understands the desire to hurt others to endure the pain inflicted upon them. However, he calls to put a stop to this endless chain of suffering, and to embrace the love in their hearts next to acknowledging the pain. To contribute to his speech, Corvus volunteers to perform a song he has written, called "A Song of Loss and Love". Callum steps over to the memorial of Harrow while Corvus performs and lights a candle in his honor.

Meanwhile, Claudia and Ibis struggle against each other in a head race to dominate one another in battle. While Ibis maintains the upper hand after stabbing Claudia's leg with her own Soulfang tooth, and prepares to slay Claudia once and for all to keep her from returning the staff to its original owner, he is unable to finish her off. Not wanting to see Claudia die, Terry stabs Ibis in the back, then bursts into tears upon realizing what he has done. Once the pair has left, Ibis uses his last strength to drag himself to the pinnacle of the Storm Spire, where he transforms his last breath into a warning message for Zubeia.

After the music fades out, Zubeia voices her understanding and support for Ezran's speech, when Rayla suddenly appears at the scene. Just as Ezran and Rayla embrace, Ibis's last breath makes it way to the valley and blows out all the candles. In an afterimage of Ibis, he warns that the Fallen Star has returned to the world.

Characters and Cast[]


Dark Magic

  • Mrof ykans gniloic rouy em evig (Give me your coiling snaky form)


  • A continuity error occurs when Ezran claims that his father was killed when he was 9 years old, as he was officially stated to be 10 years old at the time of the events of "Book One: Moon".[4] As Harrow died in "Moonrise", which played shortly before Callum's birthday dated in July,[5] Ezran was already canonically 10 years old at the time of his father's death.
  • The portrait of Zubeia and Ezran was originally a promotional image for "Book Three: Sun" (Season 3) of the series.
  • An animation error occurs at 2:12 when Callum's scarf disappears from his neck.
  • Ibis throws the sword of Tiadrin at Claudia (15:08 to 15:15).
  • The amulet Claudia picks up is a dragon scale that has been engraved with a rune.[2]