Book Two: Sky (The Dragon Prince #2) is a core novel that elaborates on the events in season two of the animated series, with deeper characterizations and expanded plot lines. It is available for purchase as paperback, as well as Kindle file.[1]

Publisher's description

This second canon novel expands on the events of Season 2 of the epic Netflix fantasy TV show, The Dragon Prince.

Rayla, Callum, and Ezran have their work cut out for them now that they have to take care of Zym, the newly hatched Dragon Prince. Things get even more complicated when Claudia and Soren finally track down the wayward princes, forcing Callum to pick a side -- should he trust Rayla or his old friends? All the while the High Mage Lord Viren plots and schemes, gaining shadowy new allies.

The trio race towards Xadia with the threat of a war between the humans and the dragons looming large. But as fiery battles erupt and hidden truths come to light, friendships are tested, plans are set into motion, and tough choices must be made.[1]


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Notable Differences

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  • Aaron Ehasz hinted that an important dark mage will be revealed in this novel.[2]


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